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love triumphant

Started by Emily Care, March 01, 2006, 08:23:46 AM

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Emily Care

So, February was a special charity fundraising month at Black & Green Games. People totally stepped up, for the chocolate, the game & for the women it would benefit. This has been an amazing month. Many many thanks to all those who ordered Breaking the Ice in February.  Together you've raised $510 that will go to a women's shelter. I want to take a moment to tell you about where it's going:

The donations will go to the New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) in Greenfield, Massachusetts. This is a shelter, educational and outreach center that has been helping women since 1979. They offer bilingual counseling, legal advocacy and many more services to the area's women who have experienced violence and abuse. Their website is here:

I hope you enjoyed the chocolate (and thanks to those who chose to forego for various reasons : ), and I hope you have great fun with the game. There are some of you who will get it soon--due to the amazing response and some other developments, I've had to do a third print run for the game, so there will be a slight delay on the most recent orders. But they will go out in the next couple days, with chocolate in tow.

the very best,

Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

Black & Green Games

Ben Lehman

Yay for Breaking the Ice!

Bryan Hansel

Wow! That's great.  Great game. Great cause.