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Author Topic: [Web of Shadows] Version 0.2 -- Address Resolution  (Read 3288 times)
Josh Roby

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Category Three Forgite

« on: March 02, 2006, 11:29:11 AM »

The second draft of Web of Shadows is available here.  It is far more elaborated and expanded from its last incarnation.

Anyone feeling adventurous enough to playtest?  This is very much a proof of concept sort of project; I'm curious to find out if its basic set up actually works.  I've got to hunt down some folks who are gullible enough to try this out with me.

Specific Questions:

I have Situation represented by a web of 3x5 cards and string -- think that will be clear, murky, or unintelligible?

I have the Audience set up to judge the other players' address of that situation and to push for conflicts, but not to actually introduce actions or events in the fiction.  It's sort of like being the GM without being able to, y'know, do anything.  Is that going to work?

The 'conflict resolution' is mostly just oneupsmanship with tokens -- it's pretty bare since it's not the focus of the game.  Is it too skimpy to be enjoyable, or transparent enough to not interfere with roleplay?

For the folks out there who are all about "roleplaying it out" or who prefer to succeed through their roleplaying skills, does this look like a design that would appeal to that impulse?  The basic premise is "can you roleplay well enough to leave the mark you want?"

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