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[DitV] Another way of making up conflicts| what do you think?

Started by DanielT, March 03, 2006, 02:04:47 PM

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Ok, first, I think I should introduce me a bit (not so much, don' worry) M'name is Daniel, im innocent 17 years and from the land of beer and brezels, speak: Germany. So -please- have a bit of mercy, when I'm using my theoretical good, but untrained english.

Well, some... uhm... two weeks ago I got my copy of the game (DitV) and my first (very good) impressions when I read about it on the internet where even overwhelmed, when I read trough it. I especially like the part "You know it is right, but they just don't want to accept it. It's pretty hard, but there is no other way than force the right doctrine upon them, if they refuse to give in." That brought me to think about the paragraph under "A Dog's Duties" that sounded like "bring new or changed doctrine from the Elders and Prophets to the People in the branches". My thougt is, why not make a town, where first nearly all and everything are good and nice and happy (well, some exceptions would of course be realistic) but there are a lot of people who would indeed be sinners, after some change of doctrine. Then, you tell the Dogs, that there is new doctrine they have to bring to the people, directly from the leaders of the faith.

So, and now let them go and tell those righteous but (newly) missled people the changes and make sure that they accept it. (And dude, these changes are pretty tough, I have no concrete idea yet, but will tell you when I got one) I think this is even more tough than just putting things right with hard measures, because you are the one who makes things wrong at first, but you have to. And think of all the demonic attacks, the injustice and stuff that would result from the Dog's actions to install new doctrine- people not accepting the changed faith would make a false priesthood, could even question the Dog's authority over changing the fith in the branch. Maybe the Steward would even lead this opposition, because he does not trust the Dog's and thinks they're lying or whatever.

What do you think? Do you think it's interresting, or does it differ to much from the original idea on how to make up a town and it's something is wrong...-chart?


Pride: The Steward, backed up by his family, thinks he doesn't have to listen to the Dogs, when it comes to the new doctrine they're bringing.
Injustice: The townsfolk are forced to choose between following a Steward who is not right with the Faith, and not having a Steward at all.
Sin: The Steward practices the old way, in Apostasy.
Demonic Attacks: Whatever you like.

Likely, this is as far as it will get before the Dogs intervene.
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