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Dust Basin

Started by coffeestain, March 09, 2006, 01:25:08 AM

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While I'm at it, I drew up Dust Basin as an introductory game for demos and the like.  I tried to take Vincent's advice and included a love triangle, a murder, and a sorcerer.  My hope is that it's scaleable to different levels based on the number of Dogs I've got playing and that it's catchy and quick.  I'd love any input toward tightening it up.

Sr. Josaphine doesn't think Br. Joshua is good enough for her.  He's lazy, slow, slothful, fat, and just a poor shoemaker.

Sr. Josaphine has started sleeping with with Br. Seth, the strong, handsome, rich blacksmith.  She's visibly pregnant with his baby.

When Br. David catches Josaphine and Seth out behind old man Miller's barn, Seth strangles him to death with his bare hands.  David's father, Br. John, suspects old man Miller of the attack and decides to hang him with some of his boys.

Demonic Attacks
The demons have started making the evidence of Josaphine's trysts very apparent, to include the pregnancy, to force Seth into greater and greater acts of desperation in order to hide them.  They've also started creating and making available false evidence that a number of other townsfolk are somehow involved in David's murder and John wants to hang 'em all.

False Doctrine
What is done with righteous intent is righteous in the eyes of the King.

Corrupt Worship
Br. John and his boys have taken over the town's church as a base for their fiery cleansing, and preach violent justice.  They pray for the strength and wisdom to root sinners out of the population and send their souls to hell.  Their numbers grow by the day.

False Priesthood
Two of John's most fervent followers, Br. Benjamin and Br. Cain, help to lead the prayer groups.  Together, they're a cult.

John uses sorcery to find the sins of others and either use them to leverage control over them or set them up for lynching as he sees fit.

Who's Who/What do they want from the Dogs?

  • Sr. Josaphine wants the Dogs to bless her baby and marry her to Seth, a far more worthwhile man.
  • Br. Joshua wants the Dogs to make his wife love him again and tell him the baby is his.
  • Br. Seth wants the Dogs to protect him from the lynch mob because he knows his number's next.
  • Old Man Miller wants the Dogs to clear his name.
  • Br. John wants the Dogs to help him clear the town of sin and he's got a road-map to start doing it with.

What do the demons want?
They want the town to spiral out of control and for innocent people to be killed.  They want to keep Seth and Josaphine a secret because Seth is a powder keg waiting to explode.  If the Dogs start to get near Seth, they'll create evidence to point the finger at someone else.

What do the demons want the Dogs to do?
They want the Dogs to get in on the killing and bless John's enterprise, helping to establish a reign of terror and blood on the town.

What would happen if the Dogs didn't come?
Seth would murder again and again until he's eventually caught by John's mob and hanged.  In her despair, Josaphine would kill her innocent husband and run off.  John's mob would keep killing and killing in the name of righteousness.