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Author Topic: My First Town  (Read 1578 times)
Anna B

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« on: March 14, 2006, 10:36:51 PM »

I recived Dogs by mail about a week ago. This my frist attempt at creating a town. I wanted to create something dealt with gender roles but wouldn't push my players so hard they would revernt to modern ideals. I'm not quite sure how hard I'm going to be able to push here, but gender roles are something we all care about. I also felt like most of the town I'd been reading were full of sinning women and wanted the gender blance of sin to be more equal. I'm not sure how close to these ideals I've come but here's what I've writen.

Pride: Bother Obediah a cattle farmer. His son Bother Nathan believes that he is smarter than anyone else in town. He wants to go study Back East. He refuses to court any local young women believing himself too good for them. He is also resentful and doesn't do his work.

Injustice: Sister Sarah has fallen in love with Brother Nathan but he won't even look at her.

Brother Harold, Nathan's younger brother, has been working too hard to make up for Nathan.

Sin: Brother Harold has began working the sabbath to keep up, just five minutes here and there for now.

Sister Sarah has taken to asking the spirits for help. She's gone to the local mountain people and asked them  to perform a ritual for her.

Demotic Attacks: All of Bother Obediah's cattle are sick, the sickness seems to be spreading to other herds as well.

False Doctrine: Sister Sarah believes that the spirit of a tree can talk to the King of Life.

Corrupt Worship: She has been taking the tree small offerings. She has also been telling her friends about this, and some of them have starting think about bring the tree things themselves.

What People Want For the Dogs:

Brother Obediah: Wants the Dogs to Bless his herds, and talk sense into Nathan

Sister Agatha, Brother Obediah's wife wants what he wants, but also for the Dogs to help her fit in better. She's a faithful who studied Back East.

Bother Nathan: Wants the Dogs to release him from his duties at help him raise the funds to travel Back East

Sister Sarah  wants the Dogs to marry her to Nathan and consecrate her tree as scared shrine

Brother Harold wants the Dogs to make Nathan do his fair share of the work

Brother Calvin wants the Dogs make Sarah forget about Nathan and pay attention to him

The Demons want Nathan to get violent, Harold to work on the Sabbath, and Sarah to convince her friends to worship the tree.

If the Dogs never came Sarah would start a tree worshiping false priesthood and take over the town. Brother Harold would decide the sabbath isn't really scared. He would join convince the tree worshipers of this and the cult would grow. They would start sacrificing animals and them humans to the tree.
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