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Roaring Drunk

Started by Peter Nordstrand, March 29, 2006, 02:52:51 PM

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Peter Nordstrand

Hi there,

Quote from: page 50If you resist the Roach, you cannot act on the Opportunity of the Card you drew for the current Event.

Makes sense.

Quote from: page 49, Exempli GratiaHe narrates getting stinking drunk and instead uses the Opportunity ...

Wait a minute ...


Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.
     —Grey's Law

Jason Morningstar

Yeah, tell me about it.  Ron Edwards already caught this one and it's a dumb mistake.  Should read:

"He narrates getting stinking drunk, choosing to resist the roach instead of giving in to his rival."

More errata here.

What's the best way of sharing errata?


Link to it next to the Buy-option.
That way everyone buying the game gets it.

At conventions, have a print-sheet to hand with the game.
Link to it in your signature.
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Jason Morningstar

Thanks for the suggestions.

We've caught half a dozen mistakes and none of them are game-breakers - mostly typographical errors and such.  The second printing is about to happen and will correct these (and hopefully not introduce more), so I think we're good for convention sales.  Mostly I just want people who may be confused by the two that could be perlexing (this one and a formatting error on p.28) to find out what the deal is. 

Peter Nordstrand

Blah blah, Ron me this and Ron me that. Why not put a link to the errata page from this page as well? Or did Ron already suggest that too? (Some people always has to have the first word, don't they.)

I'll post some actual play reports next, which is probably more fun for a game designer.

All the best,

Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.
     —Grey's Law

Jason Morningstar

Steve has added errata to the /games page - good idea. 

AP is *way* more fun that trying to suppress the horrible truth.

Ron Edwards

Actually, Peter, what I already suggested was sacrificing you to the Roach.

Yes, that's a knock on the door.

Ha! Ron

Steve Segedy

Change of plans- I've moved the errata section from the Games page to a download that Jason put together.  Interested folks can grab it here - Errata file
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