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Half a Sheet to the Wind

Started by Jason Morningstar, April 04, 2006, 02:59:35 PM

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Jason Morningstar

We're reprinting The Roach, and we've got half a sheet of cardstock that is currently unassigned - in other words, we've got 40 cards, which consume 3.5 sheets of 8.5" by 11" stock, with one 5.5" by 8.5" piece left over.  We could do some elaborate collating to lower our print run but we've decided it isn't worth it. 

For the first run, we used that piece for a secret project that will probably see the light of day around Gen Con. 

Now, we're thinking of things to do with it, and I'd like to get your input.  Some ideas:

1.  Some sort of cheat sheet we could ship with the game.  Maybe an Events calendar.

2.  Pembertoniana - a library card, a class roster, a report card, that sort of thing.

3.  Advertising, handouts, bookmarks, stuff we could distribute at conventions.

4.  More secret project!

Other ideas?  Suggestions?  What would be a real added value or exciting thing for you?



Shreyas Sampat


More cards.
I was totally sold on the Roach the second I saw the cards in the IGC document. More cards = more awesome.

Jason Morningstar

Curse you Shreyas Sampat!

That is, of course, the secret project.  I got your cards right here.    8 cards as part of a bonus set or fun-pak, and another full set of 48 for an expansion at some point, maybe in a year.  But you didn't hear it from me.

Eric Provost

Just make 8 extra copies of Murub. 

Can't go wrong with more Murub.


Jason Morningstar

Just for you, Eric, the "all MURUB all the time" expansion.  That'd be a different sort of game.

Eric Provost


Or, just a rule that says; If in doubt, try to copulate.



Cards to represent the primary NPC's that make appearances at the campus events. 


Steve Segedy

Oh, that's almost perfect!  There are nine NPCs, and space for eight cards.  Still, that would be great- then the owner of the game could make notes on the back of the card about the fate of the character.  Over several games, that would turn into an awesome scorecard...
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Eric Provost

QuoteCards to represent the primary NPC's that make appearances at the campus events. 

Hmm... That sounds like a familiar idea.  *pokes Jason with a stick*