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Author Topic: [Monster Rules]: Duplication of Effort  (Read 1741 times)

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« on: April 12, 2006, 03:15:14 PM »

Finally got a chance to play again the other night.

We played another simple game, but hope to move on to more complex scenarios this weekend.

Jake, my evil opponent, used his Mad Bomber character again, and this time supported him with the maniacal Gishnu, a sort of mystic sorcerer.

I used my US Sentry military issue power armor character and Jackhammer Johnson, a two-fisted ball of fire.

The game was a simple elimination match.

In the first Round, Jake won initiative, and used Gishnu to duplicate the Mad Bomber, creating two! The original Mad Bomber opened up on the US Sentry, but to no avail.

On my turn, I used a stun beam to stun both the Mad Bomber and Gishnu, then I opened up with my autogun, tearing a hole is Gishnu. Meanwhile, Jackhammer snuck around the back of the building to engage the duplicate mad bomber in close combat.

At the begining of the next Round, I won initiative again. Sentry zapped them both with a stun ray first and then let a rip with his auto gun. I just about took out Gishnu--which would have also eliminated the duplicate.

However, that's when my luck changed. Gishnu put a whammy on Sentry, a Fear power that forced him to make a Fatality Roll or pass out from fear. The first attempt Sentry won the battle of the wits, but the second time around he failed and fell to the ground.

That's when both of the bombers blew him to bits!

At the start of the last round, Jake made the mistake of going after Jackhammer, assuming that Sentry was done for. Jackhammer's incredible invulnerability took a beating, but he survived. When it came my turn to move, Sentry made another Fatality Roll to awaken, and was successful. Next he moved away from Gishnu into cover which automatically caused Gishnu's power to fail--he could no longer see him.

The Sentry let a rip into Mad Bomber, whose back was turned to him. The bomber rolled a 1 for a total of 2 (with modifier). Sentry used his Rapid Fire boost and scored a 17 causing a total of 6 wounds! and blew the madbomber out of the sky.

Jackhammer pummeled away at the duplicate, to no avail.

The tables seemed to turn, but Gishnu won initiative again, and moved into LOS with Sentry. He nailed him again with his Fear: Death Scare. Sentry failed his Fatality Roll which caused him to pass out from fear once again. At a disadvantage, the mad bomber finished him off. Sentry was eliminated.

Now out gunned, Jackhammer had no choice but to flee, leaving the table to the victors.

It was a great game. System worked really smoothly--a lot more calculated/strategic chooses of wounds were used--not just damage.

Playing again saturday.


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