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Compiling a Humanity Definition Database

Started by Eric J-D, April 13, 2006, 12:29:48 AM

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Eric J-D

Hi all,

As a service to Sorcerer newcomers, I was thinking about trying to put together a list of all the definitions people have developed for Humanity in their Sorcerer games.  I know that there have been lots of threads posted here and over in Actual Play in which people have defined Humanity in many and varied ways, but I was hoping to avoid having to comb through all of them.

So, I am wondering if people would be willing to either post here the definitions they have developed for Humanity in their games or PM me with that info.  I will then compile a big list of these definitions and then post it in a new thread with the hope that Ron could then create a link to it over at the Sorcerer website.

Does that sound like something folks might be interested in?  If so, please send me those Humanity definitions.  It would probably be best if you could give me two things: 1) "What is Humanity defined as in your game(s)?" and 2) "What happens when Humanity reaches zero?"

Thankfully, Ron already provided several of these the various supplements, so I already have the following:

                     Humanity is...                                                             At Humanity zero you...

                        Empathy                                                                             are a sociopath
                        Soul                                                                                   are damned
                        Mastery                                                                              are a possessee, lunch, etc.
                        Sanity                                                                                 are a gibbering wreck

Thanks folks.  I hope we can collectively put something together that will really help new folks understand the rich range of possibilities available to them when they define Humanity.



Trevis Martin

I think if you are to do this that you really need to list the points of behavior for humanity gain/check rolls.  In my experience defining the behaviors is the easiest route to actually pin down humanity.  You also may want to compile the list on Doyce's sorcerer wiki.


Ben Lehman

I think it would be awesome to compile a database of one-sheets, so we could actually see stuff in context.


Eric J-D

Hi guys,

Sorry to be incommunicado for a time, but I was away at a conference.

Trevis: good suggestion.  However, since I have received exactly *zero* private emails and/or posts to this thread contributing info for the database I proposed, I don't know whether this project really has legs.  I'll give it some more time and see if there is any interest, though.




Eric, have you tried just doing a search on "One Pagers" in this forum.  Theres a ton of them that have already been posted here that would give you a good foundation pretty easily.

Eric J-D


I like the idea of compiling one-pagers for Sorcerer (to some degree -- I think mainly for curiosity and voyeuristic intention).  I am, however, uncertain what real mileage just ocmpiling a Humanity Equals X chart will be.  I've always approached Humanity as relevant as it reflects toward Kickers and the resloution of a Kicker and storyline -- in short, Humanity is cosmetic unless it is in context.  What I mean by that is a smiple look-see over at Schism (because it is handy in front of me and made of awesome): what is the real drive of the Humanity definition?  Nothing, unless it is overlayed with the setting and character lines defined by Sir Jared of the Pale Horse. 

Thus, I think one should look over the entirety of a one-sheet, rather than simply looking at the varied "Humanity checks when" side of things; it would give a more complete understanding of what one is looking at.