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[DitV Town] Transit Branch

Started by 14thWarrior, May 04, 2006, 09:53:11 PM

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The problems in this 'town' are obvious, despite not having escalated beyond the level of Sin; the solution, however, is not so obvious.  I'm just wondering if the town's problems don't quite go far enough to be really compelling.

Anyway, without further ado...

Transit Branch

Bridal Falls City has sent out a group of families to settle a new town. The families haven't yet arrived at their destination, and the outlook for the road ahead may be grim.

The Dogs join up with the wagon train just as an argument is heating up.

Something's Wrong:


Amonst the wagon train of folk chosen to settle the new town, Brother Avery is considered by many to be the prime contender for post of Steward. Avery is a devout, and dutiful, member of the Faith; as such he is reticent about stating his desire for the position.

Isiah, a few years Avery's junior, believes he is the person who should lead the town as its Steward.

A sapling of a few years of age has been sent along with the settlers to become the town's new 'Celebration Tree'; the charge of tending to it during the trip has been placed upon Christopher.

Christopher is a young bachelor who has been promised the hand of Constance, Isiah's daughter, once the tree is planted. The problem is that Christopher hasn't been much interested in spending time with Constance; he's more interested in being around Daniel, Avery's son.

Christopher's been spending a lot of time 'teaching' Daniel how to tend the tree. The two young men have become good friends; spending most of theri time together. It turns out Daniel's been feeling the very same feelings and urges as Christopher. Late one evening, the two men finally admitted these feelings to each other.

Constance, having fallen in love with Christopher, has had jealousy brewing deep inside her because Christopher spends so much more time with Daniel than with her.


Christopher has been ignoring Constance, and has not courted her appropriately given that he is supposed to marry her soon. Since Christopher has already been promised to Constance, and the only other eligible male is Daniel, she has been unable to adequately perform her duties as an eligible woman, which is to be receptive to courting.


Sex: On that night that the men admitted their homosexual tendencies; they consummated their feelings for each other.

Disunity: Late one night in her jealous anger, Constance poisoned the tree that Christopher has been tending so carefully. Her hope is that tree's withering will bring attention to Christopher's neglect of her; and that either Avery and/or her father will proclaim that the tree's withering is a sign from the King of Life, and force Christopher to stop spending so much time with Daniel and start spending time with her, as is proper.

What do the Townsfolk want from the Dogs?

The tree has withered quickly and noticeably; it is being taken as a sign from the King of Life.

As the Dogs arrive, the townsfolk are gathered near the withered tree (or rather the wagon it's being transported on). Isiah is claiming that the King of Life is unhappy with Christopher's neglect of Constance; he is blaming Daniel for subverting Christopher's morals and his desire to be with Constance. He is using this argument as leverage to prove Avery unfit for the post of Steward.

Isiah wants the Dogs to eliminate Daniel; he doesn't care how they do it. He wants the Dogs to install him as the town's Steward once they reach their settlement location. He also wants the Dogs to marry Christopher and Constance, and make Christopher attend to his duties as a man of the Faith, and as a husband.

Constance wants the Dogs to marry her and Christopher.

Christopher is willing to marry Constance; but he wants the Dogs to proclaim his and Daniel's relationship as acceptable. He is willing to promise to faithfully perform his duties as a man of the Faith if they approve of his and Daniel's romantic bond.

Daniel wants the Dogs to allow his relations with Christopher to continue.

Avery wants the Dogs to make Isiah stop slandering him using Daniel's actions as arguments. He feels that he is ready to take on the mantle of Steward; and wishes the Dogs to install him as such.

What Would Happen if the Dogs Never Came?

If the Dogs never showed up, the argument would become very heated; Isiah and Avery would come to blows over the situation. Isiah would eventually shoot Avery. He would then proceed to gun down Daniel. Christopher, in a grief induced rage, would gun down Isiah.

Chances are good that the violence would cascade from there seeing numerous others dead, and the town that never quite was in complete ruin.
Leo M. Lalande


I ought to mention that my wife, whose father is gay, is part of the group to which I'm going to subject this town.  It should make for fairly compelling play that way; there's personal stakes for the players. :D
Leo M. Lalande


Pointing stakes at a player (rather than a character) is risky business, I've found.

Do it with due consideration.
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Well, 'stakes' was probably the wrong word to use.  It's not really that she's got a special stake in the story; but rather that, for obvious reasons, she's got strong opinions on homosexuality that may be at odds with the game's setting.  As I see it, that should make for interesting play.
Leo M. Lalande