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Afraid: Madame Lamara Keene: Devourer of Dreams

Started by Judd, May 07, 2006, 01:04:24 AM

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A woman who reads people's dreams and tells them what they mean.  She loves hearing about their dreams.  She is a liar and a con artist but she truly loves to hear about their dreams.  She asks people to go into deeper and deeper trance states and she becomes more and more adept at getting to the depths of their subconscious thoughts.

During such a trance she was killed by those who were helping her grift her clients because she was felt guilty about being a liar and talked to a police officer.  But it was a bad time to kill her.  She had already made her home in her client's subconscious, able to leave the now small shack when the client dreams.

The client becomes pregnant and she becomes addicted to the baby's dreams, building a home in the child's head too and realizes she can jump from house to house at will.  When the child is born into the world, so is the Devourer of Dreams.  The child is born in a coma, the mother loses it and becomes the Devourer's Enforcer, the father holds on to impotent hope.  The devourer builds new homes in more stable grounds.

Her influence in the world would be to have homes in the minds of people all over the world, never having to stay in one shabby subconscious house but able to visit times when many people are dreaming all over the world and eventually to eat the world's dreams.

On to the lovely numbers.

Actuity 5d6
Body 3d6
Heart 4d6
Will 3d6

1d10 Knows your dreams
1d10 Nightmare Ectoplasm
1d8 Become a Nightmare
2d6 Summons Waking Dreams
1d4 Dislights Daylight
1d4 Dislikes Loud Noises

2d6 Always listens to people talk about their dreams
1d10+1d4 Never sleeps
1d8 Sings newborn babies to sleep at the hospital
2d8 + 1d4 Lives in acolyte's dreams

The Victims

So, for ease of paperwork, I numbered the victim's surrounding NPC's

1) Someone loves the victim for the same reason
2) Someone loves the victim despite the same.
3) Someone depends on the victm for strength
4) Someone's related to the victim by blood.
5) Someone cares abou the victim on the strength of a shared relationship
6) Someone sees the victim every day.
7) Someone has professional interest in the victim.

Natalie Kenkel 2d10 - The child born in a coma.
4, 3) Larry Kenkel, the baby's father
5, 6) Nurse Coderoy, Larry's sister
7) Dr. Eric Mats, studies her condition

Selene Kenkel 4d10 - runaway mom
1, 7) Drew, boyfriend, drug dealer
2, 5) Alfonse, Drew's teenage son
2, 4) Jake, Selene's brother, also a junkie

Dr. Alex Haydu 3d10 - doctor/illegal drug supplier
6) Dr. Eric Mats
7) Drew - drug dealer
1) Clair - wife
2) Suzanne - mistress

Little James Mize II 1d10 - newborn initiate
3, 6) Rachal, mother
5) James I - father
7) Kim, nanny

I put my victimization things in order.

And my, my monster is done.


I am going to see if I can get my buddies to play this tonight.


"In our game the other night, Joshua's character came in as an improvised thing, but he was crap so he only contributed a d4!"
                                     --Vincent Baker

Rob MacDougall

Fred (& anyone else who is perplexed): This is an example of Villain creation from Vincent's new horror Dogs-variant, Afraid:
(scroll down to comment #27 and follow the links)



Pretty cool work up here.

What is the Victimization Escalation pattern for this Monster?