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Author Topic: Multilingual Roach Character Sheets  (Read 2494 times)
Jason Morningstar
Posts: 1428

« on: May 25, 2006, 09:10:10 AM »

Hey polyglots,

We'd like to offer character sheets for The Roach in lots of languages.  If you'd like to translate the text of the sheet for us, we'll gladly credit you on the sheet itself, and you'll have our undying thanks.  I've divided the actual verbiage into ten sections.  What we need are all these words and phrases, translated line by line, in Unicode output (PM for an email address).  If you want to do this in your native language or one in which you are completely fluent, we'll make a sheet and offer it as a free download.  At this point I believe we have German covered.  Our layout dude is also a linguist and will enjoy making these, so don't be shy.  French?  Finnish?  Esperanto?  Mandarin?  Thanks to the brave souls who want to take this on!  Here's the text:

Faculty member record
Full name, Played by, Background

Standing (circle assistant or full)
Conflict about... Power/Status, Everything Else
Regular Joe, Assistant Professor, Full Professor, Luminary

Expertise (Write one)
Foreign and Ancient Languages, Art and Art History, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Poetry and Drama, Religion,  Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Physics, Psychology.

Enthusiasms (Write two)
Creativity, Cruelty, Debauchery, Deception, Gossip, Manipulation, Pleasure, Self-Destruction, Sociability, Sport, Status, Wit

Other player characters
Player, character, department, notes

Dice for Conflicts
Personal die (Your standing, modified by cards)
Your departmental expertise, if narrated into a scene
One or both of your enthusiasms, if narrated into a scene
Characters you have narrated into a scene
Slave to the Roach
Doing the Roach's direct bidding

Fall semester 1919 events
Convocation and Greeting of the Class of 1923
Founder's Day Wine and Cheese Social
Pemberton Follies of 1919
Homecoming Football Game
Faculty Senate Meeting
Gamma Gamma Gamma Christmas Ball

Chancellor Arthur Steuben Ferguson
Reverend Gaylord Talley, Chaplain
Professor Campbell Stoudenmeyer, Faculty Senate Chair 
Assistant Professor L. Scott Collins, the young radical
President of the Board of Trustees Gordon Bompus
Most Popular co-ed, Regina Sutton
Dean of Students Manley Wakefield-Nutter
Pemberton Panthercats quarterback Bantam Whaley
Professor Emeritus John Acton Gerard

Pembertonians of note
Name, Notes, Cause of Death

Useful notes and observations

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