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That Other Game

Started by Mike Holmes, May 01, 2006, 11:57:56 AM

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Mike Holmes

So I was just traipsing through all of the independent company fora, and for some reason the tag line for Chimera Creative caught my eye - it says that Chimera has two games, Dust Devils and Dreamspire.

So, that just another name for Nine Worlds? Or a game that I helped you with working on dice mechanics and premise that I recall from somewhere in the back recesses of my mind.


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Lance D. Allen

We wants our Dreamspire, and we means to haves it!

On a more serious note, this was one of the cooler game ideas I remember from my early days at the Forge. What's the status on this one?
~Lance Allen
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Matt Snyder

Dreamspire is "still not dead," as my boss is fond of saying. Mike, your hazy memory is mainly correct, although even I can't remember what iteration of the rules I consulted you on. It was some time ago, and I likely abandoned whatever those were.

Currently, my publishing schedule is: Dust Devils revised, 44, and Dreamspire. My plan is to release Dreamspire using The Shadow of Yesterday rules framework. However, I've already tinkered extensively with that system, and the end result may be quite different when all is said and done.

Realistically, I won't have Dreamspire completed until next year.
Matt Snyder

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Mike Holmes's just that it seems that Dreamspire is the red-headed step-child that keeps getting pathetically bumped to the end of the queue. ;-)

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