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My Life with Yoki

Started by Yokiboy, May 17, 2006, 11:06:57 AM

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Hello Paul,

Okay, so you might pretend that the game is set in some eastern European setting, but I know the truth. This game simulates my early gaming life. Seriously the Minions are my old gaming buddies - yes, they certainly have Less/More Than Human features, but that's a whole other post.

The Master is of course me. Yup, as GM. Forcing the players to speak in-character and first person, forcing them to write fucking secret notes, laughing as they backstab each other, forcing them to sit and watch old wrestling shows as some of us played solo segments, forcing them to make maps of their backpacks, forcing them to keep track of provisions and other shit, forcing them to learn the fucking AD&D encumbrance rules including some fucked up Dragon add-on, etc. etc. ...  :D

If you can imagine a gaming travesty, then it took place in my parents basement when I was a teenager. The only thing that I magically didn't have to force my players to do was show up and game. We had a gaming group consisting of 8 to 12 players for years and years. Amazing, but true. I would not change it though, unless I could go back in time with some Story Now games.

Anyhow, the game was a great read Paul. I cannot wait to play it.



P.S. I can seriously see us playing a game of My Life with Yoki, and laughing our asses off at ourselves.


So what happened? Did they get enough Love to overthrow your evil reign? Did any of them go on to become the new Master?


LOL. I think they might have recovered some while I lived abroad for eight years. The players damaged most badly are now unrecoverable MMORPG addicts, but the core of the group are willing to try out the whole Story Now thing, although I damaged them badly...