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Author Topic: Card-based character creation  (Read 7060 times)
David "Czar Fnord" Artman

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« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2006, 08:02:50 AM »

As for open source, collaborative - I'm perfectly willing to share and make this collaborative, like on a wiki or something - what would the "social convention" be? Would it be OK for  me to set up a wiki outside and ask people on the forge to give a hand? I guess the best would be to do it in a thread and copy stuff into the wiki, and encourage anyone to go add stuff to the wiki fi they want too.
Wiki created :)

At first blush, I'd say keep it on The Forge until you have momentum or until you have a "complete" list of Aspects. Then go to wiki to publish and put out the call for artists (if any). Doing it start-to-finish wiki could get a bit mishmashed, as you have yet to really give guidance as to how to "weight" an Aspect.

Also, if you are still considering basics of system (two Aspects per card, how many cards, temporality or not, etc) then we shouldn't start to populate the wiki with content that will just have to be dropped or significantly altered later.

I guess that's all part of the social conventions question: you have the vision for what you want these cards to do; The Forge has a bunch of creative people that might get into a sort of "chime in" poll thread. But to maintain such an early line of thought outside of The Forge might mean that you spend a lot of time advertising the wiki to draw in creators, and meanwhile frustrate those who come to help by presenting them with a moving target.

Once you resolve the system core, I, for one, will happily post Aspects.

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