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Comics with an urban fantasy twist!

Started by OddBodkins, April 25, 2002, 10:27:27 PM

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Well. This board has been about as active as a doorstop lately. Hermes' silence is one thing, but this is getting ridiculous! I figured, better than doing nothing, I'll throw out some recommended reading.

Midnight, Mass. (as in Massachusetts) is a new DC/Vertigo 8-issue limited series. The official blurb reads: "Midnight, Mass.--where vampires, ghosts, demons, and psychotic magicians are just business as usual for Adam and Julie Kadmon. But now Adam and Julia are forced to go from being mere paranormal investigators to serving as delicate gatekeepers between our world and the supernatural--between the old gods and monsters and the new." The author, John Rozum, expands on that description, saying, "The newest generation of monster is tired of hiding in caves and ruins on the boundaries of human civilization. Old and forgotten gods have decided to reassert themselves into the world only to find that their niches have been filled in their absence by new gods and monster, which have no intention of relinquishing their throne." The writing is a good mixture of spooky, surreal, funny and ominous. The art suits the story, though I think the color lacks richness. Still, it's a promising beginning, if a little heavy-handed on the last page.

DC/Vertigo is also launching Fables in May: "Exiled fairy-tale characters take up secret residence in Manhattan and find themselves embroiled in 21st-century mayhem and murder."

These titles add to the wealth of inspiration available in Robert Holdstock's Mythago Cycle books (soon to be reprinted!), Charles deLint's mesmerizing work, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, DC/Veritgo's Hunter: The Age of Magic, etc.  Underworld's re-release couldn't come at a better time or in a better market environment than this!

And being a long-time fan of comics, I can't help but ask: How about an Underworld-inspired comic at the Adamant website? Something to generate a little buzz, give a little visual reference, etc.?[/i]
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First off - thanks for keeping the fires burning Ed. :)

Well, if you know anybody that is interested, send 'em to me or GMS and we'll chat about it.  We've recently brought on a web-guy, so a comic is not completely un-doable.

As for us, we're finishing up our last project and then we have a new one to unleash upon the gaming world before UnderWorld 2nd, so we've been a little busy lately.

That said, I'll see what I can do about putting up some goodies for UnderWorld 2nd within the next few weeks.  Sound fair?
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