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[Afraid]Eris, Empress of Chaos and Entropy

Started by agony, June 06, 2006, 05:10:01 AM

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Eris will be utilized tomorrow night in an Afraid playtest set in 1920's Chi-town

Eris, Empress of Chaos and Entropy
Eris, an avid philosopher, became fascinated with the ideology and theory surrounding entropy.

Passion and curiosity prevailed as other's works were assimilated and concepts were codified.

In attempting to breach the veil of understanding and experience chaos on a level beyond the scope of human nature, Eris began to maim herself, inflicting increasing physical harm and duress creating fundamental biological and emotional disorder.

Engaging in pagan ceremony merged with a philosophical foundation, she ritualistically cuts out her own eyes, gaining access to nightmarish resources.

Pushing her nightmarish powers to the extreme and literally giving birth to entropy, chaos, and complete destruction, the apartment building and block where she had lived is completely absorbed in wallowing nothingness.  Innocents were swallowed in the ensuing disorder and now wander entropy as faint shadows of their former existence devoid of humanity.

If her reign is allowed to continue, she will proceed to swallow the whole of Chicago and spread terror in her wake as everything is consumed in the fiery void.


Acuity-3d6      Body-4d6
Heart-2d6      Will-5d6


1d10-Matter and time break before my very will
1d10-Chaos seizes control
1d8-Pain is the pinnacle of intimacy
1d6-My flesh is covered in crimson and serpent
1d6-Just as order has been expelled from my body, so has my humanity
2d4-I radiate emptiness and annihilation


1d10 Bond of Conscience-I inflict pain with every opportunity
1d6 Bond of Conscience-I despise order
2d8 Bond of Tradition-I maim myself daily
1d8+1d4 Bond of Tradition-My wounds do not heal
1d6+1d4 Bond of Tradition-I never sleep
2d4 Bond of Nightmare-I cut out my own eyes for power
3d10 Victimization-Frank
2d10 Victimization-Mary
2d10 Victimization-Edward
2d10 Victimization-Detective Leary
1d10 Victimization-Officer Williams

Eris preys upon those who are vested in self-destruction and misery

Rundown of victims:
1. Mary Gartner-Raped wife who has been cheating on her husband for a great deal of time.  Indulges in alcohol and cocaine at a local speak easy.
2. Edward Gartner-Mary's estranged husband who experienced his wife's rape (he was never told) in a horrific vision
3. Frank Wallace-Mary's lover of nearly a year, blames himself for the rape and has since mutilated himself to the point of hospitalization
4. Harry Williams-Broken down cop who shot a 10 year old kid which drew a gun on him
5. Detective Jack Leary-Officer prone to violence (due to his alcoholic father) who recently lost his daughter and has been consumed with locating her killer

Still working on an acolyte, currently have a single Slave (Bart Thomson), the barkeep of the speak easy where Mary, Frank, and Harry frequent.

Actual play report will be posted by the end of the week in the Playtest forum

You can call me Charles