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Author Topic: [DitV] Haven Branch  (Read 2511 times)
Claudia Cangini

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« on: June 17, 2006, 04:53:13 AM »

Hello! After game mastering some nice towns found in this forum (for which I’m very grateful to the authors), I wrote this Town. After I enjoyed what others wrote, it seems only right that I make available my Town. I’m aware it adresses some quite specific issues of the characters played at my table, but maybe it can be of some usefulness to others…


Small agricultural Faithful settlement. 31 years from its foundation a copper mine is discovered nearby, more and more Unfaithful come and the town grows bigger.
Today it is a quite important minerary town hosting hotels and ill-reputed saloons. The mines are defacing the once wonderful valley and the money attracted a host of shady types.
The place came to the attention of Westfield Enterprises mining company. The company wishes to acquire the many mines owned by small proprietors.
In town everybody knows that, if WE succeeds, the poor and downtrodden  mining masses will be even more miserable than they already are. Many also thinks that probably the streets would be a little safer.
For the Faithful community (all farmers or craftsman, no miners), maybe this would be a betterment.

WE tried to scare the town people and mine owners recruiting bandits and sending them against the citizens. This strategy finds his match in Mr. Truman, old gunslinger turned sheriff. This imposing character has a fearsome thugs posse under his complete control. Sheriff Truman is dispotical and brutal but the town sees him as the only protection against WE’s outlaws, thus each year he is unanimously re-elected (even the Faithful, about 30% of the population, vote for him despite his methods).
Recently a new manager of WE decided to try a different approach: he moved in the best hotel in town and had a trusted man, retired colonel Ned Jordan, come to the town to run for Sheriff against Truman. He started spreading his money around and had Jordan try to make friends with what upper crust society the town had.

Violence between WE bandits and Truman’s thugs happens daily.
The Faithful community tries to go on with its life doing its best to keep to itself with mediocre results...


ADAM FISHER (deceased)
Years ago three very famous and experienced Dogs (the so-called Crimson Three) came to Haven and fought the local Sorcerer. Adam, now deceased, was one of the Three together with Barnabas and Ezra. When these Dogs  came to Haven they had to fight an especially evil cult and came to a spectacular final battle against the a demon. In the fight Barnabas died, Ezra and Adam were wounded and the Faithful they saved nursed them back to health.
Once cured, Adam left the Coat and stayed in Haven. After a while he married local girl Emeline who gave him Daniel and Nathan and became local Steward.

He became steward after his father and predecessor died in a bandit attack. Daniel constantly struggles to live up to his legendary father standards. Calm, caring and decisive, he fiercely loves his people and they love him back the same.
Daniel is well aware of the power struggles taking place around the copper mines. Like anybody else he is aware all this outlaws attacks are due to WE and holds a fiery grudge against the company and the bandits for the death of his father. He limps and walks with a stick. This is another souvenir left to him by that same bandit’s attack that killed his father. At the time he was 16 and got wounded to save his younger brother Nathan.

The Crimson Three fought this demon but, for some inscrutable reason, they didn’t kill him, instead they imprisoned the Demon in the body of a black wolf.
The beast is still unaged and alive, made captive from chains and from the mystic circle of writings made by Barnabas, one of the Crimson Three especially adept in occult stuff (please note this is Faithful occultism but VERY advanced, some  Dogs could think Barnabas extremely skilled, other could think he was on the brink of sorcery himself...).
The Demon is kept in an old cellar under a hidden trapdoor in the Steward’s house next to the “Church”.

Adam has secretly been its keeper since its imprisonement. When his son Daniel reached 15 years he showed the demon to him.
Since that day Daniel hears sometimes some distant howling foreboding death and misfortunes. He never dared talk to anyone about this, not even his father.
The howling was especially strong the day Adam Fisher was killed. Wounded and exasperated, young Daniel entered the cellar. He saw mockery in the look the demon gave him. Enraged, he stabbed the demon with an old cavalry sabre. At that moment he felt the evil strength of the demon pervading him. Scared, Daniel quickly left the cellar.

At a later time, finding himself in danger, Daniel discovered to be able to call up and use that strength.
Later he confided in his two brothers. They both stabbed the Demon and now use his strength to help Daniel fighting the bandits roaming the woods around Haven and defendig the Faithful from their attacks.

Daniel’s younger brother and extraordinay musician and composer. His organ playing in the little local Churc lifts the community’s hearts and make his brother passionate sermon even more convincing. He’s a wonderful talent and it’s a pity he cannot study with Bridal Falls teachers. Nathan dreams of this but he feels he can’t leave his brother alone in this difficult moment (and the difficult moments began at his birth and still goes on...)

A Mountain People young man adopted by the Fisher family. Once he was Kuh-se-o, son of a war captive married to a tribal chief. His step brother hated him and he became the favourite victim of bullying from the boys of the tribe (he still bears the signs of the beatings, most notably in the broken nose and the scar cutting his eyebrow). He was 13 when unexpectedly, in a fight, he was able to defeat and humiliate his young nemesis.
Shortly after his mother was found dead after an “accidental fall”. The triumphing glance his stepbrother gave him that time told clearly to Kuh-se-o who was responsible for that death. In a fit of rage, Kuh-se-o killed killed him there and then, in front of many members of the tribe. His reaction were so sudden that everybody was surprised and he was able to escape.
The tribal chief had warriors searching for him and the the run proved very hard for the boy until he reached, wounded and exhausted, Haven.

Here Emeline Fisher helped and harboured him until he was strong and healthy again. The young boy grew affectionated to that kind woman. Converting and staying in that welcoming house as the 3rd son of the Steward came naturally. Thus Kuh-se-o became Joshua. He’s a quiet but kind young man that can become ruthless if his community or his brothers are in peril. He has the utmost respect for his brother Danile judgement. Between the Faithful he is accepted like any other young man, in the rest of the town he would just be a dirty heathen.

Desperately in love with Nathan. She thinks he likes her but can’t understand why he doesn’t finally start to seriously court her. She can’t understand how the 3 most eligible Haven’s bachelor seem to think only to their duties toward the town and are not courting any girl (especially Nathan and especially her!).
She’s an ideal source of information about the Fisher family.
(make her a relative of one of the Dogs for a better information flow)

Mean old man, he dominates with a steely grip the town, which faithfully each year elects him as sheriff. He’s not popular or loved but the people see him as the last bastion of order and lately more and more as the last hope against WE. He’s quite old but still an awesome shot (to better give an idea of the character, have the players meet him while having someone beaten to death by his men or something of the sort).

Entrepreneur from the town of Westfield momentarily living in a suite at the Mountain Rose Hotel in Haven. Wishes to get his hands on the local mines and knows that, if he’s able to get rid of Truman, the rest of town won’t last long. To this end WE is financing the bandits bothering the townspeople (so much that in fact some families already started leaving town).
Anyway this method is taking too long and Samson, an ambitious, power hungry manager, decided to take the matter in his hand. To this end he came personally to assess the situation and ingratiate some members of the community to have his man elected as sheriff.

Retired colonel. He bought a house in Haven and says he whishes to spend here his last years. Shortly after arriving in town he were noticed for his charitable activities and was introduced to the most “exclusive” social circle of the town. Then he started talking about running for sheriff in the election there will be in about a month. The Colonel shows not to know Samson, but many people in town don’t believe it for a second...

AMBER (21)
Young alcoholic saloon prostitute. The Dogs sees her beaten in the streets. She’s from an unfaithful farmers family and was forced to sign a life contract with the Last Hope Saloon (renamed Lost Hope Saloon from its sad employees) to save his family from debt. Thanks to her, her parents and little sister were able to leave. Amber drinks to forget her sad life.

Steward Daniel Fisher thinks his branch should be able to defend itself without disreputable Unfaithful help like Sheriff Truman or his thugs or that slimy Samson.

Daniel thinks violence is ultimately sinful and wishes to spare it to his people. He doesn’t ask for anyone help and decides to be personally in charge of practicing violence to defend his community to any price. He asks too much of himself.
To obtain power enough for this, Daniel uses the Demon power.
It’s right to use demonic power to protect the Faithful.
The only people Daniel confides in are his brothers Nathan and Joshua. Since they’re family he accepts their help. Both support him becoming possessed by the Demon’s power.
Soon the three are not only defending the branch. From time to time they raid the surroundings and kill the bandits they find in preventive action.


AMBER just wishes to escape her horrible life: literally or through alcohol.

HAVEN’S DEMON loves violence and killing. To kill trough someone else is better than not to kill at all. He’d just love to have a Dog using his power...

STEWARD DANIEL FISHER sees the Dogs like ideal defenders of the Branch. He’ll try to convince them to support him in his politic of emancipation from Sheriff Truman. He don’t wish for them to discover what he’s doing with the Demon, but would be ready to help them with its power.
If discovered he will try to explain his good intentions.

NATHAN FISHER as always just wants to help his brother. He’s afraid the Dogs will discover what they’re doing cause he don’t think they would ever approve. He would do (almost) everything to avoid this. If only things in this Branch could be calmer he would be able to leave for Bridal Falls and finally study music...

JOSHUA FISHER wants to help his brother defending their Branch. He doesn’t trust the Dogs, but he’ll give them a chance since his brother has such a high opinion of them.

MALVINA CLEARY would like for the Dog to put a good word for her with Nathan. They should convince him to finally start courting her!

SHERIFF JOHN TRUMAN wishes to keep control of the town and keep Samson away. He’d like to discover who’s responsible for the misterious bandits massacre happening in the woods around town (HE does the only massacre in this town!). He wants this fanatics with funny coats out of his way.

ROBERT SAMSON wants the mines. If he thinks trough the Dogs he will be able to influence the Faithful (and their vote in the coming elections) he’ll try anything to ingratiate himself to them.

COLONEL NED JORDAN and his wife MARA JORDAN want what Samson wants. Their daughter NELLIE JORDAN wants to be the most admired young woman in town.


Daniel, Nathan and Joshua would increase their raids. Just a matter of time before some innocent are killed or their actions discovered.
From this a fight between Faithful and Unfaithful population of Haven would ensue...

Claudia Cangini

(artist for hire)
Claudia Cangini

Posts: 38

« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2006, 04:54:58 AM »

People at our table come from 2 different groups.

Moreno, Silvia, Angela and Francesca are what is left of a higly disfunctional D&D group who finally divided.

Me and Michele are married and game together (many different games) since before becoming each other's SO. Moreno is a long time friend of Michele and me.

MICHELE was usually the game master since a few years ago, then became a little tired of it and now loves to alternate between gming and playing.
He's very creative in play and eager to try new games. As gmaster was a mix of participationist and illusionist but always ready to change the planned game if a player came up with some nice invention. Occasionally tries to write games.
He plays BROTHER EMMANUEL, ex military and sole survivor of his platoon. Now he hosts in his head all the souls of his fellow soldiers. During his travel he stops from place to place to give last words or small mementos to relatives or SO of his dead comrades.
He has issues of conflicting loyalties between his Dog duties and what the soldier souls are asking of him. One of them was Amber’s fianceč before enlisting to ensure a better future for both.

MORENO was the first to introduce us to the Forge and knows it since a long time. He comes from years of frustration, wanting to try new things but forced by his group to play good old D&D. I hear he often gmed, now he too prefers alternate between gming and playing. He jockingly self proclaims to be a gamist who loves the challenge of playing narratively. Since he also write here, he's welcome to add or correct me.
He plays BROTHER ELIJAH who has a issue of being worthy of his famous grandfather: the Dog Ezra. Instead he started as a very proud but actually quite fragile

SILVIA is a demure girl who really knows how to portray her character with integrity. Moreno often surprises at this, saying that in the previous group you wouldn't even notice her presence.
She plays SISTER JUDITH LEA, daughter of a Steward of a family of some renown. Her faith is adamant and she constantly struggles to live up to the impossible standards she sets for herself. Always tries to find not violent solutions and consider carefully before deciding on important matters.

FRANCESCA is vivacious and brings a enthusiasm to her gaming. She can become really involved in a situation or NPC at times.
She plays impulsive and nature loving Sister Aphra. She’s essentially good natured but easy to anger and a very good herbalist.

ANGELA is an old time D&D player (a quite frustrated one I suspect). She was very quick to master the system but seems a bit stereotipical when creating and portraying her character. Direct, emotional interaction with PCs and NPCs brings out her best acting, wich is good and believable, actually.
She plays Sister Althea. A reckless tomboy and awful good shot. She always support violent solutions to the problems but really barks more than bites.

For myself, I love roleplaying and do it since many years and with many groups. Always liked to play and just recently discovered the joys of game mastering.
Moreno introduced me to the Forge and I became an avid reader: I've always been curious of new and different styles of play and  the Forge really eightened my interest in gaming.

Our group met during a long Ctuhlu campaign and when it ended we tried DitV.
Everybody loved it and Michele, Moreno and me alternated as gmaster.

Actually when I finished preparing this branch I hadn’t the slightest idea how all the different and contrasting issues could be resolved.

In play Brother Elijah quickly discovered the demon. After some thoughts, fearing some impulsive reaction from his colleagues, he confided in the most considerate and cautious of his fellows: Sister Judith Lea. This two, together with the Steward, finally exorcised the demon and took some time to decide what to do with the Fisher brothers.

In the meantime Daniel was doubting and anguishing: was he a good man or an awful sinner? He decided to remit the judgement to the Dogs and in doing so developed some relationship with Sister Judith Lea which in the end became almost romantic.

Amber was saved from his life of sin, hastily “converted”, and temporarily hosted with a Faithful family.

Samson met the Dogs and offered them money to buy the Faithful votes in the upcoming elections.

3 more Saloon girls learned of Amber’s story and approached the Dogs begging to be taken away from the Saloon. The Dogs, very embarassed, tried to buy time.
Shortly after this the girls showed in Faithful town, one of them heavily beaten, on the run from the Saloon owner and his 7 thugs. Those arrived and tried to get back the girls. The girls cried they were now converted and had no place in a Saloon. Sister Aphra and Sister Althea quickly stepped up to the challenge and daringly confronted and defeated the baddies.

Some quick thinking avoided subsequent problems with the sheriff, then Sr. Judith Lea and Br. Elijah told the other Dogs of the Demon.

In the end the Dogs decided to have the whole Faithful community sell their votes and their property to Samson and use the money to relocate the town in a far away place. The Dogs discussed at length if it was better to just leave or come back later bringing fire and brimstone to Haven and Samson (to teach them not to mess with the Faithful).
In the process it became evident Br. Elijah resolved his issue with the grandfather but became cynical, pragmatic and gained a coyness unknown to him before. All his colleagues felt upset when he declared “I don’t know what this people passed so I can’t presume to judge them”.

Br. Emmanuel anguished the whole adventure torn between his conflicting duties and in the end left both his Dog’s Coat and his commitment to the dead soldiers “to mend some of the trouble he caused”. He proposed to Amber and the 3 ex-saloon girls and 3 out of 4 accepted.

As for the Fisher brother the Dogs decided to just “punish” them but didn’t kill anyone and left Daniel as Steward after explaining to him he had good intentions but did wrong and was now given a second chance.

For those interested I further comment our game in Actual Play.



Claudia Cangini

(artist for hire)
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