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[Console] Console Legends quickstart

Started by Colin Fredericks, June 20, 2006, 11:15:18 PM

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Colin Fredericks

Hi everyone. I've finished up the quickstart version of Console Legends (previously entitled Console III). If you want to take a look, here it is. Comments are welcome, especially on how well you think the vision system will work. For those who don't know about it, Console is my console RPG parody game. This edition is focused on the way plot works in those games, rather than the mechanical details. It's my first time writing a story-telling game rather than a role-playing game.


Callan S.

Hi Colin,

Really interesting so far. I like how visions engages a shared imagination. I like the pacing of the plot structure (is it too wierd to say foreplay is good? >:) ). Though I think the interuptions rules and 'seriously, shut up' rule remove potentially beneficial input.

I'm on page 15 right now (prefer to get everything under my belt than skim through and find out latter how it really works). This is a encouragement post, at the moment. On a small side note, some of your side columns still refer to page xx.
Philosopher Gamer

Colin Fredericks

Thanks for the comments.

Damn you, Page XX! Damn youuuuuuuuu! (Actually, damn the "find and replace" function for skipping the sidebar.)