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Author Topic: 2006 ENnie Awards Fans' Choice Nominations Open  (Read 1649 times)

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« on: June 26, 2006, 03:37:57 AM »

Hi Forgers,

I don't want to use this space for announcements, but I really really wanted to make sure you guys were aware of this, and could voice your opinions.  I am hereby opening this thread as well as threads on a few other boards for nominations for the Gen Con EN World RPG Awards Fan's Choice Award for Best Publisher.

Here's the rules:
-One voice, one vote. This means you can either nominate or second a publisher once per board. Pick wisely. If a publisher gets nominated once on ENWorld and once on another board, then I'll consider it seconded- unless it's obvious that it was the same person posting the nominations.
-During the nomination process, I will collate the nominations and post which publishers have been nominated and which ones seconded on the ENnies web site's Links page.
-Any publisher who released product during the eligibility period (June 1, 2005-April 30, 2006) is eligible to be nominated whether they entered the ENnies or not.
-Sunday, July 9th, I will close the thread and compile its contents with those of the other designated threads to create the nominee list.
-Monday, July 17th, voting will begin on ENWorld to determine the fan's choice along with all the other categories. And just as with the other ENnie categories, you don't have to be an ENWorld member to vote- votes are tracked by IP. The voting period will last 2 weeks.
-Upon closing of the polls, the top five publishers will be notified and be asked to make plans for attending the award ceremony.
-The winner will be announced live at the ENnies ceremony Friday, August 11th at Gen Con Indy.  All publishers and fandom are welcome to attend- your Gen Con badge is your entry.

When selecting Best Publisher, try and take into consideration not only the quality of product, but also involvement in the roleplaying gaming community at large and customer support. Feel free to explain why you have chosen a particular publisher for nomination. If you are a publisher, you may nominate another publisher, but not yourself. Please don't waste your voice- any nominations for ENPublishing will be gracefully declined. A publisher need only be nominated and seconded, so you don't need to do third votes. You're very welcome to elucidate upon why you approve of a selection that's already been seconded, and then nominate someone else.

This is not the voting process- that will start July 17th.  This is merely a nomination thread.

Don't forget, these don't have to be d20 publishers, nor large press- so long as they released product between June of 2005 and April 2006 they can be nominated.  Heck, they don't even have to be book publishers- Aid/Accessory producers are equally eligible.  So- whom do you nominate for Best Publisher of 2005-2006?

An ENnie vote has as much meaning as a dollar bill - that is, it's worth what you choose to value it at. -clash

The Annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards ("The ENnies")
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