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Author Topic: [Grey Ranks] Situation Generators  (Read 2505 times)
Jason Morningstar
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« on: June 30, 2006, 12:14:44 PM »

Grey Ranks will include some AG&G-style situation generators, and I've put my first pass up for folks to look at and comment on. 

The idea is that at the beginning of each scene (there are nine, across three acts), each player chooses a situation element (people, places, things, or events) and an orientation - youth or maturity. Roll a d6 and write them all down - instant situation, borrowed directly from AG&G. This is where the documentary-style detail I feel is important in respecting the ground truth will come from - you don't need to know dick about the Warsaw Rising of '44 to get deep into the situation through color the lists provide. This helps my conscience, because I am absolutely compelled to honor the reality I am offering up as entertainment.

The missions are more fully baked and consistent than the vignettes right now - creating solid situation out of romantic possibility is harder than you might think. Anyway, if you are interested take a look and give me some feedback.

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