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Author Topic: [Grey Ranks] System Draft 3.3  (Read 2444 times)
Jason Morningstar
Posts: 1428

« on: July 05, 2006, 12:37:51 PM »

I'm still struggling with the system for Grey Ranks, but I feel like I'm getting closer.  I know what I want it to do, but translating that into mechanically satisfying fun is obviously a challenge. 

Here's my latest draft, which hits many of the buttons I'm trying for but still seems a little dry - there is no real conflict, half by design (improv taint) and half because I'm lame.  I'm going to playtest a little tonight with some friends. 

I want:
More detailed characters to provide incremental bonuses
Missions to seamlessly scale with the number of players
Love and hate to be required but still allow choices
A situation generator with bonuses when invoked
Vignettes that encourage selfishness (not quite there yet)
Missions that encourage altruism
Dice as narrative decision points

And this draft hits all those points for the first time.  Let me know what you think if you take a look.

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