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Author Topic: Re: Vineyard of Blood  (Read 1799 times)

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« on: July 13, 2006, 10:29:08 PM »

So, I'm new to this whole thing, but I had some ideas about this conversion. Tell me what you think.

What if you had a Vinyard of Blood game that centered around the idea of losing control to the beast, and its consequences?

1. Demonic Influence is replaced with an identical mechanic for indicating just how edgy the town is, the more supernatural stuff goes down (what wierd vampy things have the characters witnssed/ produced themselves?). This means both how close the humans are to awakening and revolting (and thus obeying curfews, locking their doors more often, etc. This would make it harder to hunt, have supernatural fights in the street, etc.). In conjunction (also included), how close the Prince and his regime, knowing how on the edge things are, is to swooping in and ending the fight before the characters get a chance to settle it themselves (I robbed this, kinda, from the VtR board game). I mean, when things get really bad, everyone's had enough and your time to effect dramatic change is up, no?

2. Disciplines are Ceremonies. They don't have any concrete benefit except flavor text and fallout dice increase for some of them.

3. Using blood to buff your strength, using your vampiness to intimidate quietly (such as through fangs or self-inflicted ineffectual wounds, etc), or activating a discipline, gives you access (as someone suggested earlier) to a new Horror attribute. Everyone starts out at the same (2d6?). Humans can get it through numina or straight psychopathy. Other supernatural creatures can get it by being badass in their own special way. Activating it would be linked to your sin somehow (haven't figured that quite out yet)

4. Seeking medical attention (the infamous 'does he die' conflict) would be replaced by a Hunting Scene, in which you have to hunt someone down while you're at the edge of turning completely beasty. That 'flight frenzy' is a good excuse to get you out of whatever trouble you're in at the time, I would think, and transition to the Hunt Scene. The fallout dice you have incurred are added to the level of Town Edginess (formerly Demonic Influence), and if you lose, the level of Town edginess escalates. Because you're hovering on the edge, you cannot concentrate enough to activate disciplines or traits, and of course calling upon Horror Defeats the purpose of the challenge (it'd be an automatic loss). If Town Edginess (God, I need a better title) is at 4 already, and you lose, your character is 'put down' by either the current regime or a mortal institution/ angry villagers. An alternative fate would be the equivelent of Humanity 0 (NPC Monster character).

Man, I hope people still check this. Let me know what you think, K?


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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2006, 05:25:41 AM »

I split this out of Vineyard of Blood from last November.

Klaveshy, welcome! No harm done, I'm just keeping things tidy. Please feel free to start new topics whenever you like. Everybody else, this topic's totally open.

Have you read my notes for Afraid? It's not the selfsame game, obviously, but check out bonds. They're cool.

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