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Lost rulebook. :(

Started by cthulahoops, July 16, 2006, 07:33:51 AM

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Somewhere in moving house, I've managed to lose my copy of DitV.  I will have to order another, but I have a more immediate problem.  I've agreed to run a game!

I know the rules pretty well and the play aids are pretty complete, but I can't find two things anywhere.  Number of dice of each type in character creation for each background and number of opposition dice in accomplishments.   Could someone tell me these, please?




Right. Look for the 1 page character generation PDF link.  That should cover you on question one.  Accomplishments are always faced by the GM throwing down 4d6 and 4d10, if I remember correctly.
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Email me at lumpley at earthlink dot net. My policy is that anybody who buys the book gets the PDFs for the asking. I'll set you up.



Great.  I've just sent you an e-mail now.

(I guessed right about the opposition dice it seems.)