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Breaking the ice between four

Started by JasperN., July 18, 2006, 04:03:58 AM

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Hello everyone -

I´m going to run BtI with a group of four, following the suggestions in the rule book. Does anyone have any expirience regarding play with more than two persons? Any hints, advice, suggestions?


Emily Care

Hey Jasper,

I ran several demo games at GenCon last year where two people played one character. It's such a collaborative game that that worked very well.  Tom Russell and his crew played a game where everyone was at the same event:

Double Dating in the Dome

Tom wrote:
So for the dates, we went back and forth and traded scenes. They were all for weddings of other people we knew and the game quickly went from being double dates to two completely different stories. You'll see.

Sounds like they alternated taking turns, but everybody listened in on each pair's story.  I give some suggestions in the book for including the other (non-participating) players' suggestions, to keep that interactivity going. 

Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

Black & Green Games


Thanks Emily. I like the idea of two people playing one char together, have to think about that. As the double date is concerned, I´d like to figure out a way to get the interaction going a bit more...maybe people could cross - date, alternating scenes, and then we´d see who gets to be a couple in the end? End of course over time they´d finde out about their dates seeing someone else? Or maybe they know all along about their rivals ? That would make things a little more competetive. I´d give Shooting At The Moon a try, but there will be four players, no way around that. Anyway, thanks for the input, I´ll ponder that and let you know how the game went. And of course I´m still grateful for any other comments and suggestions.