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Blood Red Sands Rules Questions

Started by Bill Burdick, April 04, 2010, 03:31:01 PM

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Bill Burdick

During a clash, if one side is damaged and has no available dice left and the other side has a force die, what happens?  There are no dice that will become used.

I say that since none of the dice will become used, the damaged side has to reroll one of their battered dice, if there are any, to see if it will become devastated.  Is this right?

Other people with rules questions are welcome to ask their questions in replies to this post :).



More details please, I can't see the situation yet.

Bill Burdick

The attacker has a force die and another die.  The defender has only three available dice and they need all three dice to defend.  The rest of their dice have all been damaged.  Since all of the defender's dice have been damaged already, does the attacker's force die do anything?