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Started by Valamir, July 21, 2006, 02:34:42 PM

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The long wait is over at last.  The books came in from the printer last week and are now available for purchase.

I'm pleased to announce that in addition to Key20, Universalis will also be available through Indie Press Revolution

Both Key 20 and IPR have received their stock and the order page is now up and active at IPR.  Orders should go live at Key 20 shortly.



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Nathan P.

I saw the books at DexCon. They look pretty nice! I haven't picked up a copy yet, though its high up on my "when I have more money than I need for my next project I will get this game" list.

But yes! Pretty books! Yay!
Nathan P.
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Aaron Smith

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent... the conversions shall begin at once, my dark liege!

Tony Irwin

That's wonderful news, its been really exciting to watch this game suceed again and again.


I'll have to pick this up. Congratulations on continuing to break the mold with a successful storytelling game.


Quote from: Valamir on July 21, 2006, 02:34:42 PM
The long wait is over at last.  The books came in from the printer last week and are now available for purchase.
Valamir, is there any plan to offer a PDF version to folks who buy the hardcopy from IPR or Key20?

While I love hardcopy for my shelf, I occasionally like to print larger versions which are coilbound and, thus, lay flat on my table, or cart the text around in my laptop (or, soon, my Sony Reader, I hope).
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Nev the Deranged

Picked up Revised Ed. at Games Plus last week. And talked a random stranger into picking up a copy too ^_^ Go me!

It looks much better organized. I thought there was going to be all new art? But I always kind of liked the original art so no complaints from me.

Plus now I can hand my old (heavily annotated) 1st Ed. copy off to someone else.


Awesome Dave.  Especially handing the old copy off to another.

Definitely let me know if the new organization and structure makes it easier to follow.

No new art except that there is a new cover and the original illo for the old cover has now made its way to the interior.


We easily sold out our ten copies at Spiel Essen. The game is anything but old by now. A pdf would be very welcome.


I ordered, received and read the new Universalis book. I'm hoping to have my first game tonight, unless my plans are placed into Purgatory by family plans. I'll tell you all how it went when I get the chance.

I'm excited about this game. It's an interesting concept for RPG's, one that should be given a great deal more attention.


Is something up (or down rather) with the ramshead website?  It redirects to the forge forum when I try to go there now.


Yeah, when the Forge changed to a new server they didn't move the subdomains.

Hopefully its being worked on.