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Why not move the inactive forums to Inactive?

Started by Andy Kitkowski, July 21, 2006, 04:58:34 PM

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Andy Kitkowski

Not a huge deal, but I was wondering why the RPG Theory, GNS, and Indie Game Design are still in General Forums even though they're Inactive?  Why not move them to Inactive (or a new category, "Historical" or whatever).

9 vs 12 active General forum categories are easier for me to take in, that's all.

The Story Games Community - It's like RPGNet for small press games and new play styles.

Ron Edwards

They're reference and still "in use" even though not posted to. They're not inactive.

Clinton and I talked about putting them into a new category (reference, maybe), but that eventually became the "good idea, will require some work, not enough time, will think about it later" situation. So I'm not saying we won't, but it's not that big a thing, so it might or might not happen, someday.

Best, Ron