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Crazy, funny, sick, stupid- Chick does Sorcerer

Started by Bailywolf, May 06, 2002, 08:59:08 PM

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check this out.  I spat yohoo all over my keyboard.

If only D&D and harry Potter gave geeks like me real magic powers....oh, there would be some kind of trouble, there sure would.

The crazy thing is there is a really hinky twisted Sorcerer one-shot in that thing....

Ron Edwards


I suppose we should be grateful that role-playing games play no part in this little tale.

And I don't know about Bob's mustache ... somehow, he looks kind of off-model for his role.



Just a note, whether you believe Chick is a great purveyor of Truth or totally off his rocker (or couldn't care less) that site has a lot of details that make it a great spot to research some really esoteric subjects.  For example, from his site are links to topics like "the Trail of Blood" which if you get passed the rhetoric provides a lot of detail about the early church and Roman Catholic crusades against what they considered heresy.  Whether your for, against, or indifferent I've gleaned a few setting details from the site for some of my historical campaigns.


It wasn't quite as amusing as Dangerous Dungeons (a very old Chick publication), but certainly of better quality than some of his stuff.  His anti-abortion tracts are plain over the top (and would also make excellent Sorcerer material).

His statement on Catholicism was "interesting,"  and internally self-contradictory.

Quote from: Jack ChickCan Catholics and Protestants Walk Together?
A Former Catholic says NO!

Wow, that wouldn't go over well in this household, where at least three generations of Catholics and Protestants have done a lot more than walk together.

The whole site makes excellent fodder for Sorcerer.  Whether you want over the top situations, or the makings of a seriously whacked cult, Jack Chick provides.  We may have a game coming up; I think that I might include just such a cult.
Clay Dowling - Online Campaign Planning and Management


What if the tract itself is the demon, and it can Spawn lesser version of neat batches of 25...


That idea is hillarious. I've got a sort of Sorcerer's Apprentice image running through my mind.
Clay Dowling - Online Campaign Planning and Management