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Author Topic: [& Sword] Tir Nan Og - Onesheet  (Read 2515 times)

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« on: July 25, 2006, 03:53:59 PM »

Hmm, it's a onesheet but it's longer than one sheet. Any thoughts and feedback would be welcome.

The Land of the Young

Welcome to The Land of the Young, the imaginary mythical Celtic world of Tir Nan Og. A land of green rolling hills, breathtaking valleys and black mountains, lakes and lochs, fast running rivers bursting with salmon, grey pebble beaches and a cold green sea. A land of hill forts, brocks and round houses, burial mounds, dolmen, standing stones and the mysterious glass towers, dark, dark forests and rain. Lots of rain.

This is a world where mighty heroes in the tradition of Cu Culaind and Pwyll of Dyfed, walk shoulder to shoulder with the goatheaded, scale covered Fomari, the awesome cunning of the bright and shining Sidhe and the terrible power of the Tuatha de Danann and are still able to hold their heads high as long as they have a good grip on their spear and a even tighter grip on their personal honour.

Inspirations: The Celtic Myths and History of Ireland, Wales Scotland and Cornwall, living in Dyfed, The Tales of Cu Chulaind, The Mabinogion and the adventures of Slaine in the 2000AD comic and graphic novels.

Who are the Sorcerers of Tir Nan Og?

Druid's steeped in the lore of the three branches and armed with bloody sickles, lone hags bent over steaming cauldrons, beastmen of the dark forest and great heroes who whose bodies rage, twist and foam as the Earth power of the Warpspasm surges through them.

What are Demons in Tir Nan Og?

In the far corners of the world dwell the beast like Fomori (Immanent, Beast & Pagan things) and their fell overlords (Fomori Old Ones) always a threat to man.

In dark glades, glass towers, isles of mist and cavernous otherworlds the Sidhe (Old One) weave their tangled skeins and play at chess with silver and gold pieces and laugh at the folly of mortal men.

The Tuatha de Danann (True Demons) are numerous and have many guises from tree spirits to the very gods of the people, know one knows from whence they come or what they want but to worship them is to know power.

Throughout the land are many strange and fell creatures, animals of myth and legend, sprits malicious and benign and things that mortals, even heroes will never comprehend.

What is Sorcery in Tir Nan Og?

The Druids have their tree lore and many rituals, but nothing calls to the Tuatha de Danann better than blood.

Witches have their secret ways, their lotions and potions and foetid toadstools all of which may tempt the beastlike Fomori to come to them and join with the witch in the darkest of vile rituals.

The Sidhe are scheming and corrupt and love to riddle and puzzle with heroes, more than happy to offer their gifts and more than happy to take a price from any mortal fool who accepts their offer.

What is Humanity in Tir Nan Og?

"A man lives after his life, but not after his honour." - Fin Mac Cool

In this setting Humanity is based on the Celtic notion of Personal Honour from which the heroes derive their reputation. To a hero of Tir Nan Og personal honour comes before law, before loyalty to tribe and even before blood ties. To loose one's personal honour is to lose everything.

The key things that define personal honour are; hospitality, generosity, bravery and brooking no insults. Doing things that will get you a rep for being inhospitable, mean, and cowardly or accepting an insult are all humanity losers. It is just as important how you follow the rules of hospitality and gift giving. Begrudgingly hosting someone or blatantly making it obvious you're not happy to do so could lose humanity the same as refusing to host someone. Humanity gains are when you are brave, hospitable and generous (more so if you do it spontaneously rather than out of social pressure) and take your vengeance on those that insult you.

In this setting going to zero humanity means you have no personal honour, your reputation is that of a mean, inhospitable craven, children and old women insult you to your face without fear of retribution and you are driven from tribe to live out your days in shame.



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« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2006, 03:58:31 PM »

Here's the uptodate list of descriptpors.



Roaring Brawler – A taste for mead, a short temper and two iron fists.

Spear Dancer – I laugh at my enemies as I dance on the hafts of their spears.

Sky Clad – You fear no harm or feel no hurt nor rain or sleet or snow.

Hero – With sword, spear and with axe, on foot, horseback or from your chariot you are a warrior born.

Fostered Child – You were raised with the strongest and fastest boys of another clan, and triumphed at hurling against three fifties of boys.

Earth Powered – The gifts of Danu give you strength.

Druidic Ways – You have composed triads in a watery pit with a stone on your chest, lived alone in the forest and walked all the land in summer and in winter.


Fostered Child – You have proven yourself among strangers and strengthed the bonds of your clan, to the glory of your kin

Vengeful – Only blood can make the wrongs done to you and yours right, rivers of blood.

Blessed by Lugh -You are the bright and shinning one of your tribe. Often they look to you for leadership but when they don't it vexes you.

Geas – You'll stick to it even if it kills you.

Guest of Arawn – Sometime in your past you found yourself in the underworld and have never been quite the same.

Vain Glorious – You are the best of all men and you don't mind who knows it.


Sidhe Fostered - you were taken away to the twilight lands as a babe and know their trickery and deceipt. Sad that now you've returned trickery and deceipt is what the tribe now suspects of you.

Fomori/Sidhe Get – (Lore 2+) The blood of the others runs in your veins.

Druid Taught – (Lore 1+) You trained as an Initiate but were never destined to be a Brother of the Oak

Initiate (Lore 2+)

Bard – (Lore 3+)

Ollovate – (Lore 4+)

Druid – (Lore 5+)

Witch – (Lore 3+)


Reaver – From cliff, coast, islet, or river mouth, the sight of your sleek black sailed ships turns men's bowels to water.

Cattle Raider – If you steal a man's cattle you best be swift of foot boy.

Charioteer – As a youth I held the reins for a mighty Hero

Fianna – I am member of the warband and have passed the threefold test.

Noble – I am Daffyd ap Owain ap Pwyll ap Beli Mawr and I can sing the song of my ancestry back through the ages to the kings and gods whose blood runs true in my veins.

Sidhe Raised – I lived among the Sidhe for three days and three nights and though I was a child when I entered their kingdom I left a man and when I came home all the people of my tribe were long since gone to the ancestors.

The Three Branches -

Bard – I have passed my ordeal and wear the tonsure and the seven colours, and am master of the triads.

Ollivate – Duty is my name for I am priest to the people.

Druid – I am a brother of the oak and master of all the branches of the tree of knowledge.


Fomori blood – You are tainted by Fomori blood and it's there for all to see (Scales/gills/ other deformity).

Melancholy – You just weren't meant to be happy or you just don't want to be.

Geas – Don't eat dog, never refuse a meal at the roadside, hahahah you're doomed boy, doomed.

Frank T
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2006, 12:43:11 AM »


I like it, though I don’t know half as much about Celtic and Irish mythology as I’d like to. I think you can also easily combine this with some Athurian legend stuff. You can also throw in some historical foes like the Normans, the Saxons, and Christianity. You probably wouldn’t want to get too Mists of Avalon, though.

One potential problem that you should be aware of: This setting will lead some players to carry a whole bunch of assumptions. Imagine one player who is all into the old legends of Ireland, one player who is a Zimmer Bradley fan, and one player who doesn’t have a clue about either. See what I mean? So you should take some time before you start play, to make sure you everyone is on the same page regarding tone and actual fictional content.

- Frank
Frank T
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2006, 12:44:38 AM »

P.S.: Or a Gabaldon fan, for that matter.
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