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Big Model and GNS

Started by The Duke, August 16, 2006, 12:42:22 PM

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The Duke


I'm new to the Forge and the GNS and Big Model theory(ies). I have read all but the top one of the articles in the Articles section, and I would like to clear some doubts that I have concerning them. I've seen that the forums deadling with theory are closed, and probably this isn't the right forum to ask, but where do I go and where do I post to get some points cleared?

Thank you very much.

Ron Edwards

Hi there,

It's very easy and effective. The forum for this sort of inquiry is Actual Play.

Whatever objections or concerns you have with the essays, they probably arise from your own experiences of real play, with real people. You can pick any such instance, along the lines of, "Edwards says X, but when I was playing This Game with Bob, Joe, and Sally, play went like Y instead. What's that about, Edwards?" Or something like that. Any RPG, any time in the past ranging from your most recent game to the first one you ever played, as long as it was a real instance with real people.

I also suggest considering what kind of dialogue you really want, in terms of medium. Forum discussion is one thing, one-on-one discussion is another. In a recent thread, it actually worked best to dictate one-on-one, and to open it up for others' input in formal, limited ways. I've also found that forum discussion can degenerate into an arena, in which one person cares more about the roar of the crowd he or she can generate than about the discussion. If you really want direct, me-based, straightforward discussion about my essays, we can try it here, but email is also an option.

Best, Ron

The Duke

Thank you. I'll formulate my question and post it in Actual Play, then.