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[Mechaton] Spotting Questions

Started by rafial, August 18, 2006, 12:45:44 AM

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Alright, I finally got to sit down and read through the Mechaton rule I got at GenCon.  Most of it looks very straightforward, but I do have a few questions about spotting.

1) It seems that anyone can use a spotting die thats been attached to a unit, not just the player who did the spotting.  Is that correct?  i.e. Bob spots Alice, then Charlie goes, shoots at Alice, and uses the spotting die assigned by Bob to do damage?

2) Can you just keep piling spot dice on to a target?  i.e. can the target have 3-4 spot dice stuck to it if nobody has used them to do damage so far?

3) Can you get rid of spot dice that are stuck to you?  Or even if you run all over the table, do the spot dice stay on you until somebody uses them to do damage to you?

4) I'm assuming the sequence of play on page 10-11 means that you cannot use a spotting die to do damage on the same go that you placed it (i.e. move and attack must be resolved before you spotting die from this go gets assigned to a target).  Is this correct?


1. That's correct. Any mech who shoots you can use the spot die, no matter who.

2. When you spot a target, if it already has a spot die, keep the higher of the two and discard the lower.

3. No, you can't get rid of a spot die.

4. That's correct, a mech can't use a spot die it placed for damage. You can't spot for yourself.



Quote4. That's correct, a mech can't use a spot die it placed for damage. You can't spot for yourself.

Whups... Can't use... ever?  Or if you place a spot die, and it gets back around to your next go, can you use it then?


Spot dice come off the board at the end of the turn, same as defense dice. If mech A places a spot die, mech A never gets to use it for damage.



Ah thanks... Somehow I totally managed to miss the thing about removing the spot dice!