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[Dust Devils] Revised Book

Started by MagePro, August 24, 2006, 11:02:52 AM

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OK! Got the PDF, saw the older version; now I am waiting on the printed 'Revised' version. I know the site says 2006 is when it's due, but we are in August bearing down on September. Come to think of it, is the PDF that's downloadable from the site the 'Revised' edition?

To add onto the already building excitement, could you (Matt) give us some insight as to what will be revised in this next release?

Matt Snyder


The "Revenged" text is not out yet in any format. It will be out several weeks. It will be available in PDF and print.

Dust Devils Revenged will include the following:
    [*]Completely revised text. This includes a full rewrite of the rules. Revisions include a new feature called "Past" and "Present" to replace Knacks, and a much more useful and meaningful chips economy. Now, you can earn chips in more interesting ways, and use them to recover "Harm" (formerly "Difficulty"), and deliver Harm or Redemption during the end game (now called simply "The End.")
    [*]Expanded advice on running the game.
    [*]Brief overview of the West and the Western in film.
    [*]5 setting expansions, including: Deathwish (spies), Ronin (samurai), Concrete Angels (modern urban crime), Star Dusters (Western space opera), and Hell Riders/Rust Devils (post-apocalypse)
    [*]New artwork. Previews coming to my blog soon. The artwork includes pieces for Ronin, Star Dusters (the new Western in space setting expansion), and a new evocative piece of Western art. All are by Jon Hodgson who did the original and revised covers for Dust Devils.

    The printed version will be a perfect bound volume. Gone are the days of plasic comb binding.
    Matt Snyder

    "The future ain't what it used to be."
    --Yogi Berra


    Wow, that sounds awesome. The book was on my "think about buying it when it comes out" list, but now it's on me "must buy it when it comes out" list!



    is there a release data now that the year is coming to an end?
    I'm eagerly awaiting the book....


    Matt Snyder

    The PDF will be available next week (Dec. 25-29, 2006).

    The book will be released about 4 weeks afterward -- about the usual time it takes a POD printer to complete the print run process.

    It's going to be fantastic! I'm really excited. Currently, the print edition is weighing in about 100 pages. The PDF will be the same exact content, but fewer pages because it'll be on larger paper (the book is 6x9 inches, the PDF will be standard letter size).
    Matt Snyder

    "The future ain't what it used to be."
    --Yogi Berra

    Darren Hill

    Oooh, you're cutting it fine for that PDf deadline Matt ;)

    Matt Snyder

    Yep -- got a nice surprise visit from Ron Edwards at my house after X-mas! I can blame him for the delay (not really).

    So, an update: The book text is laid out and edited to my satisfaction. The PDF layout approaches completion. Talk about down to the wire. It WILL be done before 2007, but barely!

    The wait will be worth it. The text is in great shape. The book includes slightly fewer than 80 pages devoted to Dust Devils, and the remainder being the following: Deathwish, RONIN, and Concrete Angels, all of which have revisions to reflect the new rules. In total, there are 108 pages in the book. It will be released as a paperback (perfect bound) edition soon. It will sell for $20.

    The PDF will include identical content to the book, with a smaller page count (because of the larger paper size). It will sell for $9.95.

    Stardusters and Hell Riders will come out as free PDF downloads throughout 2007 as promotional items.
    Matt Snyder

    "The future ain't what it used to be."
    --Yogi Berra

    Ron Edwards

    Hey, I called and asked first. Wouldn't want to give the impression that I unexpectedly show up, unshaven, on people's doorsteps.

    I saw the Dust Devils pages. They are really stunning.

    Best, Ron


    QuoteWouldn't want to give the impression that I unexpectedly show up, unshaven, on people's doorsteps.

    You're really blowing my image of you...

    This is great news.  Some of my most memorable play moments came from the original Dust Devils, and I've been eagerly awaiting revised.

    Matt Snyder

    Matt Snyder

    "The future ain't what it used to be."
    --Yogi Berra