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[MLWM]My Life with Sauron

Started by andrew_kenrick, August 25, 2006, 08:31:21 AM

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I originally posted this over at Story Games but thought it might be a good plan to post it here too.

I mentioned that I was debating whether to run My Life with Vader or My Life with Sauron at Furnace 06 in October. Vaxalon then commented:

Quote from: Vaxalon
My Life with Sauron is just too good. I can just see the Witch-King of Angmar sneaking around Rohan trying to do something nice for Eowyn, and then bango... on the field of Pellinor Sauron tells him, "Go kill King Theoden, and anyone who gets in your way."

... So I think I have little choice but to go ahead with it! I'm wondering how best to handle it though, as I've never ran a convention game of MLWM (although I've ran a couple of short games of MLWM now). Now should I make pre-generated minions for all the players, or just generate Sauron up in advance?

I'm thinking that Sauron would be as follows:

Fear 5, Reason 2-3
Needs: slaves, hobbits, to destroy the kingdoms of men
Wants: the One Ring!
Outsiders: umm ... not sure about this one! Who would Sauron's outsiders be? The wizards? Those gribbly elder gods alluded to in the Silmarillion?

But who could the minions be? I'm thinking the Witch King of Angmar, Saruman, Gollum (indirectly), and then maybe Shelob (it'd be fun!), the King of Gondor and the Balrog.

Help me make this a con game of epic (if somewhat silly!) proportions!
Andrew Kenrick
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