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[Town] Whitechurch, Extended

Started by Willow, August 26, 2006, 09:30:46 AM

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Based on Vincents suggestions that starting towns should ramp all the way up to hate and murder, I took the Whitechurch Branch out of Dogs and ramped it up.  (In addition, I also named the nameless characters.)  I ran this for a bunch of first timers, and we had a blast- the conflict "Do you leave Brother Samuel's farm" left one Dog dead (but eventually off the farm), and another one was pitchforked soon after.  Good times for all!




Sister Sarah has been resisting the appropriate courtship of Brother Joshua, the Steward's son.  She just doesn't love him.


Brother Joshua is obsessed with Sister Sarah, and is buying her all kinds of gifts.  He's spending more than his family can really afford, and running their savings into the ground.


Maxwell Wheelington, the local outfitter and owner of the general store started increasing his prices to take advantage of Brother Joshua.  He and his Faithful wife, Sister Rose, got very wealthy very fast, and began lording it over everyone else.

Sister Faith, the Steward's daughter, began demonic worship in an effort to stem the tide of her family's downfall.


The demons destroy property.  The church burned down.  No one was killed, but Brother Isiah was badly burnt.

In general, the demons make things wear out, keeping things scarce.


"The poor must take from the rich by force."  Sister Faith believes that any means that give her family their lost wealth back are justifiable.


Sister Faith worships demons to protect her family's possessions.  Other townsfolk who join her find that their property is under the demons' protection.


Sister Faith is the demonic priestess.  She leads secret meetings with her cabal, which includes the injured Brother Isiah, and Brother Samuel, an unsuccessful farmer.


Sister Faith & company kidnap Sister Rose, kill her, and anoint Samuel's field with her blood.

Distraught, Maxwell Wheelington closes up his shop.  No new goods are entering the town.


Brother Amadeus (The Steward) wants the Dogs to talk sense into Sister Sarah, and maybe a little into his son, Brother Joshua.  He wants the matter of Sister Rose's disappearance looked into.  He might want one of the PCs to marry his daughter, Sister Faith.

Brother Joshua wants the Dogs to talk sense into Sister Sarah and get her to marry him.

Sister Faith wants the Dogs to stay out of her business.  She wants them to donate their possessions to the town.  She wants to spread her false doctrine to them.  She wants them to kill Maxwell Wheelington.

Maxwell Wheelington wants the Dogs to find his wife, and then avenge her death.  He wants them to keep their noses out of his finances.  He wants to brood over his wife.

Brother Isiah wants the Dogs to help him out on his farm.  (He's the uncle of a PC.)  He doesn't want to admit to his cult membership.

Sister Sarah wants to marry one of the Dogs.  (She's also the niece of a PC.)

Brother Samuel wants the Dogs to stay away from his barn- that's where Sister Rose's body is.

An Impoverished Mob wants to attack the Dogs and take their stuff.

The Demons want to drive prices up.  They want the Steward to have the faithful attack the store.  They don't want the Dogs to attack the store.  They want the Steward to die, so Sister Faith can lead the town.