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Author Topic: Mongoose (split)  (Read 2689 times)

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« on: September 02, 2006, 08:51:05 PM »

Matthew Sprange wrote me a little while back, offering to publish Dogs in the Vineyard under a new imprint that Mongoose is launching (or considering launching).

I'd keep intellectual property ownership of the game, Mongoose would publish, promote and sell it. After they'd made back their initial investment, we'd split revenues - he offered me "up to 50%." We were still talking in abstracts at that point, and I figure he wouldn't've mentioned 50% if he hadn't meant it.

Naturally, Mongoose would be selling the game to distributors at distribution terms. 50% of distribution terms would be a substantial cut in my per-book revenue. But maybe they'd sell enough books to make up for it? I asked him how many books sold per year he'd consider successful. He told me 1500-2000 the first year, and 500-1000 per year after.

I already sell books in that range, at 2-3 times better per book than the best cut Mongoose could conceivably offer me. They'd have to guarantee me around 2000 books sold per year for it to be a break-even proposition. THEN I'd have to decide whether I want to shift my target audience from genuine roleplayers to distributors, give up financial control of my game, and redesign my book for a format I dislike (8.5x11 hardback RPG format), all for the same money I'm already making - but as it was, I didn't even have to consider the artistic questions. The money just didn't make sense for me.

Matthew was cool and friendly and answered all my questions. It was an interesting conversation.


Leaving aside the other issues in this thread, I suggest you contact Steve Perrin and Ian Sturrock before having anything to do with Mongoose, and note the following:

1) Despite my differences with this community, I strongly believe that everyone deserves honest, ethical business relationships.

2) It is a nontrivial fact that any isues you have with Mongoose would require representation in the UK.

3) I edited out a rather breathtaking obscenity that would have described my feelings about this company succinctly, accurately and deservedly.

Malcolm Sheppard
Ron Edwards
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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2006, 07:04:11 AM »

The above was split from Mongoose contacted me. Everyone, please read through to the ends of threads before posting to them, in order to find whether they are closed or not, and also pay attention to the dates.

The discussion is welcome to continue based on this new post.

Best, Ron
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