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Author Topic: Rosser Industries "Gaia Saga"  (Read 2104 times)

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« on: September 07, 2006, 06:28:46 AM »

Hello everyone. Im new to this forum, so before I say anything else, Id like to just say hello and that my name is Bill Rosser. Since before I can remember Ive been designing my ow table top games, using other games as stepping stones, but for the most part using my own ideas.

After seven years of play testing and developing, Ive finally released my first table top RPG, "Gaia Saga". Ive used Lulu as my publisher, and I have a link to the Lulu shop on my own website.

Gaia Saga is your average run of the mill fantasy game, with the additions of a few interesting features. The first of these features is the dice system, which is far different then the commonly found D20. Called the "Success Dice System", you roll your characters individual attributes using a variety of differrent dice, compare it to the difficulty or to an enemies roll, and base success on how well you do. Another thing that "Gaia Saga" features is the Personality Engine and the Emotions System, which allows you to make truly 3D characters that have their own way of acting and manner of doing things. Instead of leveling up after waiting to reach a certain amount of experience points, you can instead spend EXP when you want to, purchasing Skills, Special Abilities, attribute points, and magical spells for your characters to make them stronger. Instead of having set character classes for characters, you choose from a list of jobs which you can use to add more personality to your character, get free skills that relate to the job, and allow you to purchase certain attribute points at a discount experience price.

Besides these things, "Gaia Saga" also offers you eleven character races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Demon, Drakul, Cog-Man, Neko, Lupine, Lycanthrope, Fairy, and Kib), with rules on making Half-Breeds and also containing sub-races for each race.

"Gaia Saga" has taken many years to create, and I hope you would try it out and have a look for yourself so see where it stands against other games of its genre.

For more information on Rosser Industries games, go to the following website and have a look around. We welcome comments and reviews, so dont be shy to leave some.

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