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[DITV] Embers in the Void

Started by Brian Newman, October 08, 2006, 02:50:23 AM

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Brian Newman

I've been working on an alternate setting to use with Dogs in the Vineyard.  I wanted to incorporate elements of Dogs, Lost, and Firefly, and I finally hit upon something that I wanted to achieve.

It's still young and incomplete.  Let me know if you see any glaring problems with it.

Brian Newman

I should add that this particular setting does have a metaplot associated with it that I'm developing, on the Lost/Firefly model, but it certainly doesn't need one.

Brian Newman

I've removed the metaplot and campaign notes so I can focus on developing the details of the setting more.



This very sketchy plot outline has really sparked my interest for some reason. I look forward to seeing you develop this idea, it has really good potential.

There's definately lots of potential for some very gripping dogs style conflicts as your characters are forced to do some horrible things to insure the success of the overall mission.

Best of luck in developing this idea.


Brian Newman

Thanks!  I'll be writing more of the society on board the Wayfinder as well as the game-specific rules -- some adapted from Afraid.