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[DitV] First time GMing for new players - critque town?

Started by museleading, October 07, 2006, 12:51:53 AM

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I've played a few games now and am getting ready to GM my first session on Sunday.  The group consists of three players who have never played before and one who has played a few sessions with me.  All four are very experience roleplayers and I want to GM something that will grab them.

I've come up with what I think is a really good town, but I am not sure whether to unleash it on the players as their first.  I remember my first town was more to do with figuring out the system and setting, but I was rather tired that night.

So I am posting the town here and am looking for feedback.  The town issues hinge on knowledge of roles (within the community and a Dog's duty), and a willingness to back the King of Life's way of life against science/sorcery.

Horton's Bend

A snake oil salesman came to town and started peddling his wares. Sr Philomena bought a 'cure' and used it on her very sick fiancée (Br Prophecy). Br Prophecy got better.
Steward Ira preached from the pulpit the dangers of sorcery and told the faithful to beware the snake oil salesman.
Br Cryus, a teenage boy whom Steward Ira is encouraging to become a dog when he's grown up, kills the snake oil salesman. Br Everett, the town's TA, has just locked up Br Cryus (and is getting ready to hang him) when the Dogs ride into town.

The snake oil salesman believes it's his right to screw with the faithful so he can make money
Br Cryus believes he can be a Dog without going to Bridal Falls.

Sr Philomena overstepped her role.  She chose whether or not Br Prophecy should live, not the King of Life.

Br Cryus murdered the snake oil salesman

Demon Attacks:
Demons made the cure work
Demons made Br Cryus murder the snake oil salesman in front of Br Everett, who then had to lock him up

False Doctrine:
Sr Philomena believes the 'cures' can overrule what the King of Life wants & a woman should be able to go from town to town like the snake oil salesman did.
Br Cryus believes that wanting to be a Dog means he can act as a Dog

Corrupt Worship:
Sr Philomena has secreted cured another – Sister Eve.  Sister Eve now also believes the cures are more important than what the King of Life wants.

What do the people want?
Sr Philomena wants to be allowed to take up the role of the snake oil salesman, wants not to marry anyone so she can become a snake oil salesman
Br Prophecy wants confirmation healing wasn't demon related, wants Sr Philomena to be punished for making him the object of pity and scorn in the town. He wants the engagement broken off
Steward Ira wants the marriage to go ahead so the town settles down again.  He wants the dogs to let Br Cryus off the hook
Br Cryus wants not to die, wants to become a Dog
Br Everett wants to hang Br Cryus for murder
Sister Eve wants to help Sr Philomena, wants the Dogs to say girls needn't marry, but can peddle goods from town to town.

What the demons want?
Want the girls to become snakeoil salesmen, sell more cures, cause the town to divide
Want to cure one more person (get three followers)
Want Br Cryus to die

If Dogs never came
Br Cryus would hang
Br Prophecy & Sr Philomena forced to marry. Br Prophecy would attempt to kill his wife because of the shame she cause him
Br Everett would become believer (he has sick wife)
Demons would protect Sr Philomena from Br Prophecy.  He would die instead
New cult would split town, then move onto other towns.

Should I run it as my first session?  Can I improve it? Vincent's post on 'sick to the stomach' as a rule of thumb has me concerned.  I can see issues and questions in this town which look really cool, but I'm not cure new players would...

Call Me Curly

I wonder if it would be better to play Br. Cyrus as a big pain in the ass-- glomming on to the Dogs like a fanboy/ getting petulant when they don't absolutely side with him/ acting holier-than-thou...

... or if it would be better to play Br. Cyrus more like Jimmy Stewart in It's A Wonderful Life: a great kid who is the heart of the town/ who -would- make a great Dog/ and who is downright saintly and indispensible; except for the murder?

I don't have a preferred answer to my question.


I was kinda thinking the Jimmy Stewart option...

I like the idea of Demons killing somone who could be a good dog (the pride angle makes it interesting thou).  I also like the idea that the PC judge the kid can be a dog without going to Bridal Falls.

I can see interesting followups for both scenerios.

I really like the idea that they may do something completely unexpected :)

Making the guy petulant looks to me like an easy judgment. Players don't like a NPC (or at least think the NPC's cool), he's not worth considering.