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Author Topic: Sorcerer from the crypt - best introduction evar!  (Read 2555 times)
Frank T
« on: October 09, 2006, 11:49:18 PM »

On German "Blutschwerter" RPG forum, the first forum channel dedicated solely to Sorcerer just opened. The introductional thread is the best I ever read. Here's a lousy Google translation.

Kapuzenmantel = Cape
Raus = out
Donnergrollen = rolling thunder
Zauberer = sorcerer
Widerlich = disgusting

Black screen. Quiet playing the violin music in the background. The picture lightens itself and shows a heavy, doppelflügelige wood door.  Text insertion:  Games of roles - until the blood freezes!    The door swivels up and shows the back of a large, appearing wuchtig ear armchair, which stands in a kind library before a burning fire-place.    A rough voice rings out from the ear armchair.    “Are ah, there you. I already waited for you.”    The camera swivels around 90° to the right and shows a shape in the black Kapuzenmantel, which sits in the armchair and warms themselves at the fire.    “Sets you.”    The camera fäht about a half meter downward. The typical Knarzen of an old piece of furniture is to be heard.    “I excavated today somewhat completely special for you, admired friends and masters of our guild.”    The shape holds a small Hardcover with a lila Schutzumschlag into the camera.    “Ron Edward's Sorcerer. , Then I may say, unusual small game of roles. Narrativistisch…”    The camera rises jerkily, turns toward door and drives in hasty, hoppelnden steps on it too. The door slams shut before the camera. The noise of a closing lock is to be heard.    “Okay, you does not like GNS theory and no twaddle over it, TC?”    The camera drives fast several times from left to right.    “HARM TOO! Because you do not come here this evening raus!”    The shape laughs. During she laughs hears one outside the noise of lightning and a Donnergrollen.    “Where I was stopped… oh, Sorcerer. A game of roles, as the title of our show lets here already assume. Unusually, for true, and in certain circles now already a legend.”    The camera shows a group intellectually more looking, well tightened Macintosh user before a Apple Logo.    “No, not these circles.”    The shape fixes the camera; two red eyes light up briefly.    “There is more the GNS Jungs, which find the play remarkable. But I stop now with boring you and go to the preserving.”    The camera fixes an nearby cabinet, on which a brain conserved in greenish alcohol stands. On the sign beside it “Salomé stands. Only with pure Absinth fill up.”    “I am here over there!”    The camera fixes again the shape.    “The premise of Sorcerer is quite simple. The player plays a Zauberer, similarly as in a well-known play of White wolf. Contrary to Magus however the character cannot charms.”    The camera tilts over for instance 45° in the clockwise direction.    “No, not yet times a small little. Everything which it can is Dämonen swear to, which serve it then, and from which it receives its power.”    The camera goes again into the horizontal.    “Natural are not the Dämonen the nice charm forces, as one knows them from AD&D and CO. Each Dämon has certain needs, which the Zauberer must satisfy. If that does not do it, the Dämon begins to revolt. That alone would already badly be enough…”    The camera drives more near to the shape.    “… however to all abundance there is still the factor of the humanity. Do not work with Dämonen is beneficial for the humanity particularly. And the humanity is only times with zero…”    The camera drives 10 cm downward.    “… then the Zauberer drives to hell. Sometimes even in the Wahrsten reflect the word.”    The camera trembles.    “That alone would be already a nice basis for the play in the Sunday evening, but it comes better. The character charactererschaffung realtiv usually runs. A few points on the attributes Stamina, want are put, truck and Cover. Stamina indicates the physical side of the character, wants its will power, truck its knowledge around the supernatural and Cover finally says us, how well he is in his lay background bewandert. Each attribute gets then still another describing word, and then the spassige part comes.”    The Klattern by cubes is to be heard.    “Soso. Stamina thus of military training, and your Cover is a naval infantryman? Would be legitimate, but I think that fit here better.”    The shape hands a character sheet into the camera.    “Cover: Cowardly cameraman gets ahead rather… however now. Now it is at the time to determine the PRICE and the INDICATION. The price is a disadvantage, a departure on a certain thing; quasi the costs of the pact with the underworld.”    Scratching a pin is to be heard.    “Price: gruselige voice. … target me quite its, but to me that seems to -1 on all verbal interaction attempts somehow geklaut. The next is then the INDICATION, something, that okkult talented observers betrays which you a Zauberer is…”    Scratching a pin is to be heard again.    “Your left eye looks differently than your right… well okay. Am I to call you Corum or nevertheless dear David B.? Okay, Dave, I needs then still your kicker…”    The camera tilts again around 45° to the side.    “The kicker. That is a Narrativistenspiel. One expects, which you…”    Donnergrollen is to be heard.    “… MASTER says, which it concerns in the history of your character. It must be a relatively large problem, and there must be several possibilities for you, to it of reacting”.    The camera goes again into the horizontal. Furioses pin scratching is to be heard.    “TC. Thus, there is this ominöse foreigner with the Kapuzenmantel, which pursues you and emerges whenever you can use it to few? Beautifully. Which is on “I have a suit-case with 200.000€ found, that probably the mafia heard” so unattractively?”    An applauding noise is to be heard.    “Okay, you does not like mafia. Naja, it is your history, you determines nearly completely the expiration. Next you need still another Dämon. Each player character gets a in vain. A Dämon has certain attributes and abilities, and belongs to a certain type. There is e.g. Objektdämonen, those looks like completely normal articles.”    The camera fixes a large, black sword at the wall hangs. The plaque under it proves it as “Mournblade”.    “Others are parasitic, and live in a body, usually that of the user. Others look like completely normal organisms, and again different are very small and thus inconspicuous.”    The camera fixes Whiskeyfla with a small devil in it, who signs merrily.    “A last sort takes possession of a strange body. Everyone this Dämonen has a demand and a need. The demand is it, which motivates it, and the need is, which you must fulfill around it with mood to hold.”    Again furios a scratching pin is to be heard.    “Soso… a cat… mhm, hermaphrodit. The abilities to grow to enormous size and sharp claws has it also still. The demand is fight, and the price is widerlich….”    Gekicher is to be heard.    “Naja, it is schlabbert YOUR mouth from that the small Muschi their milk. Once daily feed, then ask.”    The camera fixes a grinsende black cat beside an open milk bag sits.    “Remember,…”    Donnergrollen is to be heard    “… MASTER plays all your Dämonen; expect thus not too much understanding of those. After you have then the character, briefly to the system… cube is no matter, as long as all use the same. You get a number of cubes, which corresponds to the appropriate attribute, both sides cubes, and the side with the highest result on one the cube wins. Each cube, which has a higher result than the best of the opposite side is a success”    The Klattern by cubes is to be heard.    “Thus, I have and 4. You have 1.1 and 6. You win, with a success.”    The Klattern by cubes is to be heard again.    “This time I have and 6, and you 2.3 and 4… I win, with 4 successes. That would be the basis, the remainder is in the set of rules. The character receives possibilities of increasing, after it loosened its kicker.”    The camera rises from its armchair. The noise of a snapping open lock is to be heard.    “Ah, already again end of the transmitting time. Further information to Sorcerer is under http://www.sorcerer-rpg.com/; there are also a abgespeckte version of the rules in the pdf format to hineinschnuppern, and naturally also a few character sheets.”    The picture becomes spontaneously black    Text insertion: THE END!    Voice from the off:  “He, that is not fair, I had still 3 minutes…!”

- Frank
Ron Edwards
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« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2006, 04:55:00 AM »

Thanks Frank!
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