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Have Gun, Will Travel - Wire Paladin, San Francisco

Started by charlesperez, October 14, 2006, 12:47:29 AM

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The 50s western, "Have Gun, Will Travel" features the gunslinger Paladin, who appears to be a Dog in all but name. He begs for a Dogs writeup, provided below. Obviously, I recommend that players of Dogs watch episodes of this western.


Strong History
  3d6 Body
  3d6 Heart
  3d6 Acuity
  4d6 Will

  2d10 - Expert Gunfighter
  2d8  - Competent Brawler
  1d8  - At Home on the Trail
  1d8  - Educated
  1d6  - Well Traveled
  2d6  - Way with the Ladies
  1d10 - Would Rather Save Life Than Take It

Relationships: (Free Dice: 1d4 2d6 1d8)
  1d6  - Hotel Carlton
  1d8  - Hey Boy

  2d6  - Finely Crafted Pistol
  1d6  - Concealed Derringer
  2d6  - Gunbelt with a Chess Knight Emblem on the Holster
  1d6  - Horse
  1d6  - Saddle With Saddlebags and a Bedroll
  2d6  - Calling Card: "Have Gun, Will Travel - Wire Paladin, San Francisco"
  1d8  - Supply of Newspapers, Courtesy of Hey Boy