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Agon: Sightings

Started by iago, November 01, 2006, 10:08:45 PM

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iago "How do I make my game feel more mythic?"

And on the latest Ogrecave audio podcast (Oct 13th, I think?) Mike Sugarbaker talks more about Agon -- both in terms of how it's the "best at what it does" and how it's not the right fit for him as a player (he's not a "fighty game" guy, in the long haul).  Check it

John Harper

Cool. I had heard the OgreCave audio, but hadn't seen the RPGnet thread.

Thanks, Fred!

(And thanks once again for the game plug, Mike!)
Agon: An ancient Greek RPG. Prove the glory of your name!


I'm gonna recommend that John make this or a similar thread sticky, so we can use it as a common place to point at Agon chatter happening on other boards.  Here's two new threads, but there've been a bunch.  If I've got one thread I can always find to update, I'll do my best to call out stuff I see happening elseforum.

Ragnarok (echoing some of the same thread here):
My first multiplayer demo (also an echo-thread, but getting it active on would be a goodness):

John Harper

Good idea, Fred. Stickied.
Agon: An ancient Greek RPG. Prove the glory of your name!