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Author Topic: [Afraid] Sister Piety's Victim, Mortimer Elroy  (Read 1764 times)
Tim M Ralphs

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« on: November 27, 2006, 04:54:15 AM »

Play logs (ETG 6 days) will go here: http://community.livejournal.com/fateofeden/3584.html)

Monster is here: http://www.indie-rpgs.com/forum/index.php?topic=22221.0

Mortimer is a nine year old boy. He has a much bigger sister who moved out about year ago. He’s quiet, polite, possessed of an astute empathy and normally he worries that his hair is untidy. His favourite game is hide and seek in the woods, and his favourite dinosaur is the ankylosaurus.

Acuity: 5d6
Heart: 3d6
Body: 2d6
Will: 5d6

I’m taking this seriously, research 1d8, physical 2d6,
This falls within my expertise (playground lore, the woods, dinosaurs,)
research, 2d6 talking 2d8 , physical 2d6, fighting 1d4,
My life depends on this, physical 1d10,
Fighting for someone I love, murdering 1d4

Bond of tradition, I say my prayers at night and before meals. (Mommy and Daddy can hear me, even if God can’t.) 1d8 + 1d4

Relationships, (to be finalised):

Lisa Steinman
Lance Steinman
Debbie Blythe
The Monster: 2d10

Master Mortimer Elroy is an orphan. This is the quality that attracts Sister Piety to her victims.

I’ll fill out the list of someone’s as the players start to give me ideas, but for now:
Someone loves the victim for the same: Reverend William Hoagie, the man who’ll be burying his parents, realises poor Mort will need help.

Someone loves the victim despite the same: Lisa Steinman, Mort’s big sister. She’s an orphan too now, but she’s married and Sister Piety considers her out of bounds. Lisa is really shaken up by her parent’s death, there were a lot of issues they never resolved, (like her marriage) and she hasn’t been looking out for her brother well.

Someone depends upon the victim for strength, hope or happiness: Debbie Blythe, a friend from school.

Someone sees the victim every day: Dr Ahab Weiderganger (Slave)

Someone’s related to the victim by blood: Lisa Steinman.

Someone cares about the victim on the basis of a shared relationship: Lance Steinman is Mort’s brother in law. He’s a bit of a rebel, but he loves his wife and he’ll gladly look after his ‘little bro.’

Someone has a professional interest in the victim: Dr Ahab Weiderganger. Sucks to be Mortimer.

Victimisation is characterised by:-

First Victimisation:
Access, Victim is identified by Sister Piety as being in her prayers. This is communicated to the Victim somehow and some token of the same is left with the victim. An example, Sister Piety slaps someone hard, and tells them she’ll pray for their soul. The bruise doesn’t go down, the Victim starts slapping their own face when no one is looking to keep the mark real. This would be first level access, and it is removed when the token is removed. In this case, Dr Ahab had a conversation with Mort in which he asked who was going to look after him now. He mentioned that Sister Piety would gladly have him at the orphanage, just as an example that there would always be people there for him, and then confessed he had mentioned Mort to her, and that she had given him a card expressing her heartfelt condolences. Mort has hidden the card in his drawer. It’s the only card he’s had that’s been addressed just to him and not to him and his sister, and for some reason that makes it very special to him, so he deliberately hasn’t told anyone. Now he’s forgotten about it.

Nightmarish behaviours and mood changes, the victim can not sleep except by listening to a story at bedtime. Furthermore they can not wake up or fall asleep properly unless they are abiding by the Orphanage’s rigid timetable. They become tired, irritable, objectionable, restless, slovenly, prone to bouts of catatonia and childish tantrums. Concentrating on anything becomes impossible for them. In this case, Elroy hasn’t been sleeping properly, (but he’s been sleeping better since Dr Weiderganger left him the tapes). He’s been driving his already fractious sister to distraction. (She’s had to move back home for now to look after things.) Elroy’s relatives think it’s just grief, only the Reverend is suspicious of supernatural involvement.

Second Victimisation:
Access: The Victim must hear a different story read by Sister Piety every night as they fall asleep. In this case, Elroy was pestering his sister to read to him, and Dr Weiderganger kindly leant her some books on tape read by the Monster. That was all it took. The tape boxes are not correct, they show that the tapes are some relaxing instrumental music.

Nightmarish physical symptoms: They collapse into waking paralysis based on the cycles of Sister Piety’s regime. If they hear her tell a story then their body will add a scar log detailing the title of the book and the pages read in neat little scalpel cuts. These will be mostly healed, (a week old) by morning, but the sheets will be stained with blood. In this case: Elroy knows the tapes are evil, but he doesn’t know who to talk to about this. He also knows that they help him rest when nothing else will. His scar log is four lines long:

a child in the wheatfield, 1 - 20
the iron man, 16 - 28
a child in the wheatfield, 21 – 34
where birds nest, 1 – 12

I’ll be interested to see how this plays out as a research conflict. The Victim may manifest other injuries as dramatically significant.

Third Victimisation:
Access: The stuff of the orphanage. The victim must eat food prepared in the Orphanages canteen, or sleep between sheets pressed at the convent laundry. There are also clothes and toys that are approved and marked as the property of the Orphanage, these will do at a push. In this case, Dr Ahab is going to so a home visit and try and sort something out.

Nightmarish changes in environment, electrical devices start to broadcast her stories of their own accord in a harsh crackle. Lights turn on and off in accordance with the orphanage time table. If left alone the Victim may find aspects of the Orphanage invading his space, the carpets and walls change colour, the smell of the disinfectant and lye soap, the crying of the other children. In extreme cases Sister Piety can even manifest to the Victim at this stage.

Fourth Victimisation:
Access: Sleeps a whole night in the orphanage dormitory. If we’ve got to a case where the above manifestations are unopposed for long enough then it may be that the Victims own room becomes a part of the Orphanage at a distance, but the mundane reality of Sister Piety gaining care provision is just as dangerous.

Disturbing, inexplicable, nightmarish experiences: These are perpetual and without recourse, the victim sees and is tormented by the apparitions wherever they go and wherever they are. Reasoning with them becomes increasingly difficult, and they slip further and further from lucidity.

Fifth Victimisation:
The Victim is found to have been the naughtiest, and spends that night in the naughty room. They are gassed into oblivion. There will be naught but the barking of the hounds to mark their passage into deathless, restless hell.

In terms of how these influences are destroying Elroy’s life, I’ll fill these in, as well as who is being blamed in each case, when it becomes clear who the PC’s are.

Notes: Check out the supernatural +1d4 on that bond. Mommy and Daddy really can hear Mortimer! I’m not going to push the players that way at all but it would be nice if they explored that avenue and found some real support.

...the Mystery leads to Adversity and only Sacrifice brings Resolution...
Tim M Ralphs

Posts: 44

« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2006, 05:01:08 AM »

There's a rogue close bracket on the first link.

...the Mystery leads to Adversity and only Sacrifice brings Resolution...
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