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Breaking the Ice online

Started by Emily Care, November 29, 2006, 10:15:18 PM

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Emily Care

Hello there,

That clever Graham Walmsley has created an online version of Breaking the Ice at his site Catch Your Hare.

He talks about his process of writing it on his blog here:

Now, when I started my website, I wanted a project to learn PHP and MySQL. I wondered about an online version of Breaking The Ice: partly because I loved the game, partly because it's logistically simple to code a game for two people. I mailed Emily and asked if she'd mind. She said no.

That is, I said he could! It's a clever interface that allows people in two different locations to be able to play with one another.  The program functions like a shared character sheet online, each person sees their own information as well as what the other puts into it. You can use IM or some online chat client, or talk on the phone/ Skype to generate the events of play.  I did a playtest with him using googlechat about a forester and an actor that escalates up to properly godzilla-like smashing of the golden gate bridge and most of San Francisco when his character took on Poseidon and revealed her godly nature. 

Graham is now working on another cool application, an online dice roller that allows you to roll multiple sets of polyhedral dice and manipulate the images to simulate moving the dice about on a table. Again, it can be seen by multiple parties in different locations. Very useful for online or remote play.

Many thanks, Graham!  It's truly wonderful. You did a great job.

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Paul T

This looks really interesting! I would love to try to play the game with a friend.

Does one need to have the book on hand, or to be familiar with the rules, to use the online game?


Graham W

Hey Paul,

The game does take you through the rules, but being familiar with them would really help. When I played with Jason, and then with Emily, we were all pretty familiar with the rules, and we didn't refer to the rulebook once.

I'd love you to try it out. If you do, give me some feedback on how it went: perhaps leave a post in this forum.


Emily Care

Hi Paul,

Glad you like the looks of it!  Would love to hear about your game when you get a chance to play.

I remember thinking I should work on a quick once-through of the game to include at the online version, if that would be all right, Graham. If you have any questions in the meantime, Paul, I'd be happy to answer them.

Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

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I too would like to try this out on some (Mountain Time Zone) evening, so if someone reading this wants to co-play/test/whatever it, PM me.
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