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Request for Connections forum

Started by timfire, December 07, 2006, 02:21:46 PM

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Hi Ron,

I have a request for the Connections forum, but it's a personal preference, so it's your call on the subject.

When an artist posts, I would like to know their general preferences as an artist, as I like to find artists who is going to be a good fit for the project I want done. Thus, I would love for them to answer questions like the following:

  • What media can you work in, what media do you prefer to work in, and are there any media you can't work in?
  • What type of subject matter can you do, what type do you prefer to do, and is there anything you can't do?

Maybe this is moot, as a publisher can always ask this privately. But if you also think this is appropriate, could you add those questions (or similar questions) to the artist sticky in the Connections forum?
--Timothy Walters Kleinert

Ron Edwards

That info should be on those artists' sites, shouldn't it?

Then again, what information can be a valid signal for you or whoever to know that you want to click over there?

It's a good question; I'll muse over it.

Best, Ron

David Artman

Perhaps artists, producers, typesetters, etc could use a Subject line "tag," much like game designers do to tag their threads as being about a particular system/game? Exs:

[Oil Painting] Artist for hire
[3D & Vector Art] Volunteer artist
[Pen & Ink] Anime-style art for sale
[Production] Editor will work for credit
[Production] Will PDF your MS Word or FrameMaker books

Once folks get used to doing that, new arrivals will see whole pages of threads tag in that way, and they will probably imitate.

Just a thought....
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