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Sorcerer Database

Started by Valamir, May 23, 2002, 02:57:29 AM

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Can someone explain to me how to make use of the Sorcerer database.  There is a decided lack of instructions.  When I try to pull up "Demons" expecting to see a list chock full of demons others have entered, I get only my own (which are none at this point).  When I try to do a search on people I know have entered demons (like Bailywolf), I get no hits.

Clay, you once asked what kind of features would make the data base more useful.  I suggest making it moron proof, cuz little ole me can't find nuttin' wid it.


Bailywolf (32)    

Sorcerers  January  Argo Contosa  Samual Bligh  Mat Murdock  George DeMerch (AKA Suzy)      

Demons  [Not Named]  Keen  The Bitch  Pnuema  The Jealous Bullet  Kitty  

That's what I found for Bailywolf. That gives us one unnamed demon, Keen, The Bitch, Pnuema, The Jealous Bullet and Kitty.

What browser are you using to access the database? I'm not aware of any browsers that it doesn't support, but I've been surprised before.
Clay Dowling - Online Campaign Planning and Management

Joe Murphy (Broin)

And if you do a search with nothing in the search form, it returns everyone on the database. ~700 people.


Ron Edwards


I have been trying to come up with a better approach to the database for a while now.

Option 1: Bag it. It currently doesn't serve much function beyond what's available here at the Forge already. Nor has one of its original ideas/functions, which was to permit customized PDF character sheets, ever been realized.

(The idea of having a Sorcerer user-database at all was generated when there was no Forge and when GO was meeting my needs less and less.)

Option 2: Revise it, cleaning out empty accounts (probably over 80% of them), and change the services available.

What services would make sense for such a database? Especially since Actual Play and the Sorcerer forum here at the Forge are doing bang-up excellent service?

Here are some of my notions.

- I still like the customizable PC-sheet idea. Getting them established for each mini-supplement seems especially appropriate.

- I want to connect more directly with HeroMachine and let people display the code for a given dress-up, so others can check out their PCs at the HeroMachine site.

- I would very, very much like to have a fill-in sheet regarding Sorcerer game content - this has been designed but never implemented. I also want it to be extendable, so that you click, and you see how the person's game has changed over time.

- I totally want a store-demonstration section that people can use as a response or report sheet following the demo.



Well, I love the idea of a sorcerer and demon database, and now that I've managed to actually get into it there are some really cool sorcerers and demons there.

What I'd be mostly likely to use is the ability to use other folks posted Sorcerers and Demons as a quick source of NPCs for a game I run.  I'd love to see the database's sort and search options expanded.  I'd love to be able to search based on attribute descriptor ("show me all of the 'adepts'", for instance.)  A new field could be added to distinguish the "version" (for lack of a better word) the sorcerer was from...Sorcerer vs Sorcerer & Sword, vs Demon Cops vs Schism, etc.  That sort of thing.

I'd love to see a database of relationship maps that could be hauled out and bastardized.

Character sheets are cool, but there is so little information to record that we put all of our Sorcerers and Demons on index cards.

Clinton R. Nixon

Just to note, Ron, I just this morning found a new PHP class (that is, something we could use) to create PDF's from the site. I don't think I could make them too fancy, but it might work. I'll test it out.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games


I don't know what kind of storage constraints limit the database, but a section for logging a character's history and a session diary or such.   This could run to some space though.  

Most significantly, I'd recomend easier more transparent access....but please don't kill it!