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Sorcerer's Soul review in Realms of Fantasy mag

Started by wyrdlyng, May 23, 2002, 03:48:49 PM

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Just FYI, they completed their review of the 3 main Sorceror books with a very positive review of Sorcerer's Soul and a summing up and praising of Sorcerer as a whole.
Alex Hunter
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Ron Edwards

Hi there,

I've appreciated the Realms reviews a lot, especially since they went and did all three books without blinking. The reviewer and editor there have a good understanding of my goals for the game and the company.

Sorcerer also received an A+ in the latest issue of Games Unplugged, which is kind of interesting considering that the magazine generally takes an industry-heavy, promo-heavy approach.

The game seems to have attracted a lot of behind-the-curtain attention recently among game designers and pros, most likely due to the Diana Jones nomination. I've received several comments from Luminaries that have ... well, let's just say I'd never expected to meet these folks, much less read them rave about my game.

I've put links to all the reviews I can link to at the website.



The review of Sorcerer in the April issue of Realms is what prompted me to buy it.  I'd never heard of it before but the way the review was written it really made me want to play.  

It took me about a month, but I finally got it.  My comic guy is 45 minutes away so we don't get to him very often.  He ordered it for me and got all 3 books without even asking.  I thought there were only 2.  

It didn't even occur to me that if I was interested that others might be too.  I wonder how many people went and bought it after reading the review.  That's awesome.  

Geez...I also wonder how many people tried to find it and couldn't.