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Actual Play page at the Sorcerer site

Started by Ron Edwards, May 24, 2002, 08:05:00 PM

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Ron Edwards

Hi everyone,

One thing that I'm enjoying a lot right now are all the great reports from Sorcerer GMs that are cropping up. So I did a little thread-combing, and I'm hoping that this this page proves useful to people who come to the site.

Any comments? Suggestions?


Christopher Kubasik

Here's my comment:

Oh, thank god.

Could we see more of this on the vast variety of well-mined and fascinating Forge topics.

Take care,
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Quote from: Christopher KubasikCould we see more of this on the vast variety of well-mined and fascinating Forge topics.
Perhaps I should take this to the "Site Discussion" forum, but I agree with this. A "hit list" of often-referenced threads would be a really nice addition to the Forge resources.
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I like this idea for a completely different reason.  It's demonstrating that The Forge is a useful resource for the game, and taking advantage of the ability to interlink sites.  In a sense, it makes both sites more useful.
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joshua neff

That. Fucking. Rocks.

That's really great. I think it'll be a tremendous asset to potential Sorcerer players.

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Ron Edwards

Thanks, everyone. It stays. I might toss a mention of the page onto some other pages at the site, notably FAQ, Rules Questions, and maybe even the retailer/promo page.

As for taking the same general approach to the Forge as a whole, see my new thread at Site Discussion.