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Theory 101 Third Article Posted

Started by M. J. Young, December 14, 2006, 09:24:06 PM

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M. J. Young

I neglected to mention it last week as I've been pretty preoccupied with other matters, and I apologize because it should have been a priority.

The new issue of Places to Go, People to Be has appeared, and it brings with it the third installment of the series, Theory 101: Creative Agenda.

For those who missed the first two, Theory 101: System and the Shared Imagined Space and Theory 101: The Impossible Thing Before Breakfast are still available in previous issues of the e-zine.

This latest explains the concepts of and behind Gamism, Narrativism, and Simulationism, hopefully in a way that will help defuse some of the antagonism against them that is out there, as well as showing how they fit into the broader theory.

I'm asking for some assistance from the community here.  The 'zine is hoping that I will provide one more article addressing the "errata" and such from the first three.  Some of you posted such comments on threads here, and some e-mailed comments to me.  Due to a crashed hard drive, I've lost all those comments (indeed, I lost the articles themselves, but had already sent them to the 'zine so they were preserved). I am hoping that you can point me to relevant threads here, and provide me with thoughts on all three articles covering my oversights and errors.  Because theory discussions are no longer appropriate here outside the context of gameplay or design, and this is clearly not gameplay or design, I'm going to ask that such comments be posted at Gaming Outpost (I still check all the forums there regularly) or sent to me by e-mail (I believe the Forge's e-mail system works, so there should be a button for that here somewhere) so as not to offend against the current policy.

The same should be said concerning comments on the current article.  I hope you find it useful and informative, and that you let me know your thoughts through other media.

Thanks so much.

--M. J. Young