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[Super Force Seven] Heroes vs. Champions

Started by mratomek, December 16, 2006, 04:58:05 AM

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There are three basic types of characters in Super Force Seven: Minions, Heroes and Champions. Minions are grunts and mooks. Cheap to purchase, low power and easy to eiminae. Heroes are the basic character type, and Champions are ultra-power costing 2x the number of points to use in game. The only difference between a Hero and Champion is that Champions have 1 more Action per Turn and can select 1 Special Ability for free. The free special ability is really what sets the Champion apart. At 75 to 150 points for a more powerful special ability, having to pay for it would sap nearly half or more of a character's total points.

But I really wanted to see what would happen. So I ran a quck 500 point game. The good guys had 2 250-point heroes, Camouflage and Mrs. Valiant. The villains used Brimstone, a 250-point Champion (that cost 500 points to play).

Brimstone had a defensive Armored TN of 18, furthermore, with an Eternal special ability, which reduces all Damage by -1. So he would definitely be hard to handle. His real weakness would be versus effect powers, such as Fear, Domination or Paralysis.

The two heroes had to quickly adjust their strategy to target and damage the Champion's Armored PL, reducing it while Brimstone beat on them, nearly taking out Camouflage by Round three.

It looked like Brimstone would win easily, but then his Armored score was reduced enough that the heroes cold start scorring Critical hits and damaging the Champion.

Eventually, Brimstone took out Camoflage, but Mrs. Valiant landed a couple of lucky attacks that took down the Champion in the 7th Round.

Brimstone used Slam a couple of times to keep the two from ganging up on him (He would slam them 20" across the board)


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